Uridine Review + Experiences: Elevate Mood and Productivity

uridine review

Today I want to try something a little different. My most recent articles have all been about supplements and I haven’t done anything about nootropics in a long time. I have still been taking nootropics but I have been branching out and trying some things that one might consider a little on the crazy side. However, today I want to tell you guys about something I have just recently started taking and I think you’ll like.

The following is a stack of different supplements and nootropics. A stack is a group of supplements or nootropics that work well together or are necessary for other components of the stack to function properly.

In this case I am going to be going over a Uridine stack. Some of you might know this as the “Mr Happy Stack” from the user Mr. Happy over at the Longecity forums who came up with this stack.

The stack contains:

What is Uridine?

Now if you are a frequent reader of this site you might recognize some of the names on this list. You might have noticed that it includes Omega 3s and Magnesium. Both of these are included in my supplement guide and are what I would consider great supplements to take for general health.

Now the most unfamiliar one on this list to many is Uridine.

Uridine is one of the five standard nucleosides which are responsible for forming nucleic acids. In this case Uridine is a key component in RNA synthesis. RNA synthesis is critical for functioning of any cellular organism and are the building blocks of cells. If you remember Biology class, you might remember matching nucleoside chains. While you probably don’t remember Uridine it is critical to our cells.

In this stack Uridine is included as Uridine Monophosphate which is a form of Uridine that is more bioavailable than regular Uridine. In fact, Uridine is found in a couple of foods but the body is unable to absorb it and gets its supply from the liver where it is synthesized.

Purpose of the Stack

Many of these vitamins especially Omega 3s and Magnesium are things I already recommended in my supplement guide for general wellness. However you might be wondering why they are all specifically combined together with Uridine.

The effects of the stack are plenty:

The reason I decided to take it is because of its effect on Dopamine release.

I don’t know if some of you are aware but I am a college student and it has been a rough semester. I have been drinking way too much coffee and using other nootropics such as Modafinil and Noopept to increase my performance.

Overall I have been doing great in school but recently I noticed that I am not in the same condition I was when the semester first started. I am a little more anxious, worn out and noticed I need to sleep more to feel refreshed.

While there are many things that have contributed to this like stress and over exertion I realized that taking a break from stimulants and using this stack to regulate and normalize dopamine response might do me a favor in the long run.

The Science Behind Uridine

One of the main mechanisms of Uridine which provides such awesome effects is that Uridine stimulates the synthesis of CDP-Choline in the brain. As I talked about in my review of the best choline sources upregulation of the acetylcholine neurotransmitter can have very positive cognitive and anti-depressive effects.

This study found that uridine supplementation in rats promoted neurite outgrowth in older rats. Neurite outgrowth is a measure of developing neurons and is something that is being considered in treating of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease.

Another study of interest is this study that looked at the effects of Uridine on the release of dopamine in rats that had been overexposed to stimulants such as amphetamines and cocaine. The study found that the uridine supplementation blunted the dopamine response in the brain. This might suggest that uridine can be used for treating addictions.

How to Use this Stack

The original thread over at Longecity recommends the following:

  • 150-250mg Uridine orally, twice per day
  • A good multivitamin with B-group vitamins and broad range of trace minerals
  • 500 IU of Vitamin E
  • A large dose of fish oil with >700mg DHA + >300mg EPA
  • Introduce 50mg of CDP Choline or ALCAR if you react badly to Choline

However I have noticed that such a high dose of fish oil is not completely necessary if you are getting Omega 3s from other sources. I also did not buy Vitamin E since the Multivitamin I take contains a decent amount of Vitamin E.

In terms of the Uridine I’ve been experimenting with sublingual doses. This is when you let it sit under your tongue for a while before swallowing it. The only problem with this is that sublingual doses are 7-10x stronger so I have been using much less Uridine when doing so.

If you are noticing nothing is happening it might make sense to try a small sublingual dose to see if this helps. On the other hand if you are having negative side effects it might be wise to cut down.

Finally I only recommend taking the Uridine for a couple weeks at a time when necessary after a long period of stimulants. This is something I will most likely use every few months if I have continued success.

Side Effects

I have to warn you that there is a small subset of the population who will either not respond at all to Uridine or will respond poorly to Uridine and experience mild depressive symptoms after taking it. There are very few people that respond like this and there are always people that respond like this to anything but it is important to note anyway.

Another side effect of this stack is that it potentiates stimulants. Due to its effects on Dopamine Regulation in the brain the effects of caffeine, nicotine and other stimulants can become a lot stronger in a dose that one is used to taking. I would recommend cutting down on caffeine the first day until you know how you react to it.

My Experience

uridine review

I waited a couple days before writing this to make sure that the positive effects would last. I am now sure they did and want to share my experience.

The first day I really didn’t notice anything and if anything I felt a little down but nothing serious. The next day I had a little too much coffee and it kind of made me jittery. Should have listened to the warnings! Felt a general mood uplift though.

Finally on the third day I woke up feeling very refreshed and seemed to have a bit more energy. I thought I felt a bit more relaxed but nothing serious that I could attribute it to the stack. That night however, I sat down to do some homework and I was just in the zone. I haven’t experienced focus like this in a while.

Usually, I need a cup of coffee or some noopept to get me going. This time I just sat there for 2-3 hours with a few short breaks and just worked straight through. I noticed something similar like this the next night as well. This has repeated frequently and I am almost afraid these effects will go away soon.

Overall I am really enjoying the stack so far and would recommend it to those that have been relying on stimulants to function. This is a good option for those who would like to return to baseline a bit quicker than normal