Thrive Themes Review: 10x Better Than Genesis or Thesis WordPress Themes

thrive themes

I recently switched from the Genesis Framework to Thrive Themes based on a recommendation by Kyle (thanks Kyle!).

I was hesitant at first to be completely honest.

I thought my old design was “good enough”.

Plus, I’d already paid for Genesis so changing Themes would be an extra cost.

Well, I finally bit the bullet and tested them out.

I certainly haven’t regretted that decision and neither will you.

In the rest of this review, I’l show you some of the cool features that makes Thrive better than the Genesis Framework.

Thrive Includes 10 Themes To Choose From

First of all, you get access to all the themes that are currently available.

There are 10 themes to choose from.

You can preview each theme and then decide which one is best suited for your blog or website.

This is the first advantage compared to StudioPress themes…

Once you are a Thrive customer, you can use all their themes without paying extra.

This is perfect for people who are new to blogging because you will likely want to change themes quite soon.

It’s also a huge benefit for someone like me who builds niche sites.

Depending on the niche, you’re going to choose a different layout.

As a Thrive customer, I have plenty to choose from and will always find a design that suits each specific niche.detailed thrive themes review

Use Thrive on Unlimited Websites

To be fair, this is also the case with Genesis.

However, not all themes can be used on an unlimited amount of sites.

With Thrive, you can upload the themes to all of your sites without having to pay even a dollar extra.

This is an important feature even if you don’t currently plan on starting multiple websites.

Chances are, you will eventually own more than one site.

At that point, you’ll be very glad that you went with Thrive from the start.

Thrive Offers 4 Conversion-Focused Plugins

Thrive also comes with 4 seperate plug-ins that are designed with conversion in mind.

Sure, you can install plug-ins on any theme.

However most WordPress plug-ins that are built for converting readers to customers or leads, are expensive.

If you’re looking to get good plug-ins, you’ll easily pay $20 per month.

And that’s just for one plug-in!

That might be a worthwhile investment if you get thousands of visitors a day…

But for little guys like you and me, it’s simply out of our budget.

What about free plug-ins?

The problem with free plug-ins, is that they usually come at a price.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of very useful plug-ins that are completely free.

However, those won’t improve your conversion rates or your profit.thrive leads review

They might make your site faster but they won’t increase your income unfortunately.

The only exception I’ve found so far is SumoMe.

Thrive Plug-ins

When you become a Thrive customer, you get access to the following plug-ins:

  • Thrive Leads
  • Thrive Headline Optimizer
  • Thrive Clever Widgets
  • Thrive Content & Landing Page Builder

thrive themes plug-ins

Just to be clear…

I haven’t used all of those plug-ins yet.

However from what I’ve seen so far, they are all well-built plug-ins that serve a specific purpose: Making you more money

When you consider the cost of buying similar plug-ins, you realise that $20 per month for Thrive Themes is a true bargain.

The plug-ins alone are worth more than that and you get 10 themes to choose from too.

Sound like a good deal?

Well, it is.

Click here to learn more about Thrive.


Why I Love Thrive Themes

I’ve only been using this WordPress theme for a couple of weeks but I’ve already fallen in love with it.

Below I’m going to list the reasons why I prefer it to Genesis.

Thrive Support Forums

I’m not saying Thrive is perfect.

There is still some room for improvement in my opinion.

Specifically, there are fewer customization features compared to Genesis.

Unless you know how to code, you’ll struggle to make small changes to your site’s design.

Unfortunately, I don’t know much about HTML and CSS.

I learned the basics a while back from Code Academy but that’s the extent of my knowledge.

I’m certainly not proficient and can’t edit my design manually.

Luckily for me, the Thrive support forums were quick to answer my questions and help me make changes.

They literally sent me the specific code that I needed to add.

The whole experience was great and went far above what I was expecting.

And don’t get the wrong impression…

They call it the Thrive Forum but the replies are from highly qualified support team members.

Having the questions in a public forum is quite a good idea in my opinion.

Anyone that has the same questions as myself can now benefit from the helpful support answers too.

I think it’s a clever system and other companies will hopefully follow Thrive’s lead.

Image Compression and Resizingthrive themes

This is a great feature that is built into Thrive Themes.

All you have to do, is activate it and all your images will be compressed and resized to the optimal dimensions for your theme.

You can even choose between multiple degrees of compression (lossless image, lossy compression and no compression).

I use lossy compression but if having top quality images is important to you, you can choose lossless compression.

Having multiple options in terms of image compression shows that Thrive Themes are built intelligently.

A photography site will logically have different priorities to this site.

Therefore, you need multiple options.

Automatically resizing images is a minor feature but one that makes a huge difference in my opinion.

This is one of those little details that always bothered me with Genesis.

Images didn’t display correctly or formatted in some strange way.

I wasted a lot of time double-checking that images are displaying properly.

I’m relieved that I don’t need to deal with that hassle anymore thanks to my new theme.

Thrive Headline Optimizer

This is the Thrive plug-in that I’ve used most so far.

I absolutely love it!

I’m sucker for data and split-testing so I just had to try it.

But this isn’t just a fun toy to play around with…

Split-testing can increase your profit significantly.

Unfortunately, split-testing software is insanely expensive for people with small websites.

You probably don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on advertsing and analyzing data.

Luckily, you don’t need a big budget anymore.

All you need is a little creativity to create multiple compelling headlines.

Then, be patient while the Headline Optimizer does the work for you.

The results were interesting and I will always create mutliple headlines in the future.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to update this review with my results soon.

thrive themes review

Final Verdict on my Thrive Themes Review

So there you have it.

For all the reasons mentioned above, I highly recommend Thrive Themes.

While they are a little more expensive than Genesis ($20 per month), all the extra features and plug-ins definitely make it a worthwhile investment.

Keep in mind though, Thrive is built with the goal of maximizing your income.

Obviously, you can use it on your blog with random thoughts and life advice.

However, it will be most beneficial for people who take their website seriously and treat it like a business.

That’s all for today.

Until next time,


P.S. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, get yourself a Thrive membership now.

  • Awesome review! I use Thesis myself and definitely feel constrained in some ways with the design.

    I’m planning on building some Niche Sites myself in between copywriting work.

    I’ll do some more research and I’ll be sure to use your affiliate link!