SizeGenetics And Bathmate Reviews: Penis Growth Devices That Actually Work

bathmate review sizegenetics reviews


Hello Everyone,

Ray Kingsman here from Success Rebellion, coming back at you to talk more about male enhancement. More specifically, penis enlargement.

We have already talked about jelqing and penis stretching already. These are great exercises to start your penis enhancement journey with.

They are performed manually, very effective, safe when done correctly, and free to do at anytime and anywhere that allows for some privacy.

However, these exercises come with two obvious drawbacks. They are boring to do and very time consuming.

These drawbacks made me not look forward to doing my male enhancement routine as much as I had in the beginning.

In fact, I began to hate warming up, jelqing, penis stretching, and cooling down.

After increasing the length of routine several times to adjust as my dick stronger, I spending almost 90 minutes (4-5 times a week) doing these exercises.

I had other goals and responsibilities as well. Between my full time job, fitness goals, and starting to build a business; I just cannot be spending 90 minutes a day trying to make my dick bigger.

So those two drawbacks were enough for me to start looking into alternative methods of penis enlargement.

I began searching the gallows of web to see if there were any other ways to make my dick bigger.

Perhaps, devices the helped mimic the work and effects of jelqing and penis stretching.

Alas, there was. In fact, there were many devices that supposedly did these things.

I was interested. But now began the process of figuring out which devices were quality and which ones were not.

Trust me when I say this. There is a lot of bullshit out there. Do not get drawn into any scams. That is what this post is for.

I have tried and tested a lot of these products and from my experience, only a couple deliver great results.

I will explain more about these devices below.

What Types Of Devices Actually Work?

Water Based Penis Pumps

Wait. Before you click away after reading the phrase “Penis Pumps”, I want to let you know that there are a few out there that actually work. We will only be talking about the best one though.

These pumps use a water based pressure to create a compressed environment around your penis. This exhausts the penile tissue which sparks its growth and recovery.

This type of training is great for both erect and flaccid penis growth. Primarily, ideal for girth gains but also great for length.

Dick Extenders

These devices are attached to the shaft of your penis. Very similar to a bandage extender. There are meant to leave your penis extended for hours at times. This really helps increase flaccid length.

bathmate review

Which Is The Best Penis Pump?

I personally recommend Bathmate Hydropump.

Bathmate Hydromax is a water based penis pump that uses water based compression to exhaust the soft tissue on the penis shaft.

Very similar bodybuilding, it works the penile tissue. It grows and bigger upon its recovery, as I explained earlier.

All you simply have to do is assemble your Bathmate by attaching the gaiter to the pressure tube/cylinder.

Put your dick inside the cylinder and begin pumping. Just take a look at the image below to get a look. It is pretty simple to get started.

The benefits to using Bathmate for penis enlargement are pretty sick.

The biggest benefits to using Bathmate are that they are efficient in terms of time used and they are fun to train with.

Let me explain to use bathmate

Some Of The Benefits To Bathmate

Here a few of the benefits to using Bathmate for your penis enlargement training.

Fun To Use

The water pressure used by the pump delivers a temporary pump to the penis which leaves it enlarged for several hours.

This is makes Bathmate so much fun to use because you can see your dick enlarge in real time.

I also tend to use this before sex as well. It makes me feel extra confident in bed. Plus, it gives your lady friends an extra large treat to look forward to.


Bathmate is also efficient to use. You only need to use it 3-4 (at most 5) times a week for 15-20 minutes at a time.

As you penis grows, you will have to upgrade to larger cylinders to increase the pressure on your dick as you train to keep making gains.

But never will you have to increase the time you put in. I could not think of a better way to use 15 minutes out of my day.

Safe And Easy To Use

As long as you the device as directed, Bathmate is incredibly safe to use.

You should not have any pains or discomfort while in it. Your balls might get sucked in the pump while using at first.

But if you squeeze the pressure gaiter at the bottom and angle it up then that should no longer be an issue.

Once you put your Bathmate device together, it should be pretty easy to use. I would still read the manual but it will only take a few tries to get Bathmate right.

As opposed to jelqing and penis stretching, it can take 1-2 weeks to get that stuff right.

Permanent Gains

If you keep using Bathmate for a couple months, then the gains will become permanent.

It is just like bodybuilding in that sense. Your muscles will stay big and strong as long as you keep training them on a regular basis.

But if you come to a point where you do not want to get any bigger, you can maintain your gains by just using bathmate for 10 minutes once or twice a week. Boom. Your gains will be kept.

Stronger And More Controlled Orgasms

Bathmate also you to build a better “mind to muscle” with your penis. This gives you more control over body.

This allows for you combat common sex issues like premature ejaculation or loss of erection during sex. Pretty awesome.

My Experience With Bathmate HydroPump

What I listed above are the only some of the benefits of using Bathmate. However, they are the biggest upsides, in my opinion.

I started using Bathmate almost three years back, I had just switched over from Penomet pump (I will talk about that product another time).

As I mentioned earlier, I am always trying to get the best return on investment for my time and manual exercises were not doing it for me anymore.

I got Bathmate and I just started pumping my dick for 15 minutes every other day.

After about 4 months, I added about an inch to my erect length and 0.75 inches to my erect girth. Pretty sweet.

Not to mention that I just looked forward to using the product. I was like hitting the gym.

I always enjoy doing a great workout. More importantly, getting my blood moving and feeling a great pump afterward.

It was the same exact thing with using Bathmate. The pump afterward is so awesome.

It makes you feel like a man among boys. That is what it did for me at least. I will probably do the same for you.

Bathmate Hydropump Sounds Cool. But What About Penis Extenders?

I personally recommend SizeGenetics Penis Extender. This is the best penis extender to wear during the day, in my opinion.

It has a bunch of tools to maximize your length gains and your comfort while using this product.

How Does SizeGenetics Work?

SizeGenetics works for similar reasons to the bandage extender. The difference is that SizeGenetics is way more comfortable and effective.

This extender keeps your unerect (flaccid) penis extended for hours at a time. The extender applies a small amount of pressure on the penile tissue and stretches over several hours.

The stretch fatigues the soft tissue in the penis and allows for the penis to grow longer and stronger then before.

Once again, I will use the bodybuilding example. In the gym, you break down your muscles weightlifting and then stretch right afterward. This allows for muscles to get stronger, bigger, and longer.

It is the same thing with your penis. You break the penile tissue down with Bathmate and use SizeGenetics Extender to stretch the penile tissue afterward.

Also, the SizeGenetics Extender allows you keep your penis lengthened after using Bathmate.

Some people have the issue of the their shaft shrinking back into their body (turtling) when they sit down or bend over.

This extender prevents that from happening. This is great for cementing your growth gains after using Bathmate and maximizing your length gains.

Comfort Puts SizeGenetics On Another Level

This is what truly separates SizeGenetics from the the rest of the pack man. There is only one other extender (will talk about that another time) that comes close on the market. That says something.

Most penis extenders cause your penis to pinch, itch, chafe, burn, and cause overall discomfort on the penile shaft.

There are a couple I tried a few years back, they would always pinch and fall off while I was at work.

I constantly would have to go to the bathroom and readjust the device. It was most annoying thing ever.

I remember one day one I got so fed up with my extender that I threw it out at work and went back to using my bandage extender for awhile.

I was skeptical of SizeGenetics until I saw the reviews on different forums. Then I gave it a try and I really saw the difference.

It was so comfortable to wear. I could wear while eating, working, walking around, driving, grocery shopping, and other “every day” activities.

No worrying about it slipping off, pinching, itching, burning, scratching, chafing, etc. None of that shit.

You do have to talk it off every two hours to get a little more blood back into the dick.

Then you can slap it back on go about your day. The comfort level of this extender is unmatched in my opinion.

SizeGenetics allowed me add an inch of length to my flaccid penis in a little over six months of use. I can vouch for the results.

How To Use The Extender

Follow the instructions in the video above. You want to assemble the device and adjust the lengtheners on the side.

Fit your penis into the device and adjust it so you feel slight stretch at the top of the shaft.

You do not want their to be too hard of a stretch. That will lead to injury.

Too many guys want to stretch their dicks the maximum. That will fuck you up.

How To Bathmate With SizeGenetics

At first, you are going to want to use your SizeGenetics Extender after you use Bathmate.

You are going to use Bathmate for 3-4 times a week for 15-20 minutes at a time. Very efficient.

As your dick adjusts, you will upgrade to higher Bathmate models.

You are only going to use SizeGenetics for 2 hours after your Bathmate training for the first week.

Your second week, you will add an hour to use SizeGenetics use.

Your third week, you will start using Sizegenetics during the day. 2 hours during the day and 2 hours after.

Your fourth week, you will use SizeGenetics during the day for 3 hours and 2 hours after Bathmate.

Your fifth week, you will use SizeGenetics during the day for 4 hours, and 2 hours after Bathmate.

I think you get the process going forward. You will do this until you are using SizeGenetics for 8-9 hours a day.

I believe there are diminishing returns after this point of use. Others might disagree but I am going form my own personal experience.

Make every 2 hours, you detach the extender and to get more blood to run through your penis.

This only has to be for 5 minutes. Then you can put the extender right back on. This promotes recovery and prevents injury.

With SizeGenetics you will adjust the stretch of the device as your penis adjusts and lengthens.

As your penis gets longer, you will adjust the device to stretch your penis further.

Final Thoughtsconclusion calm

I recommend using Bathmate HydroPump and SizeGenetics Penis Extender together to maximize both your length and girth gains.

The use of these devices is fun and makes you look forward to doing your penis enlargement exercises.

These devices are quite expensive. So only buy them if you have the money. If you do not, you will see fine results sticking to Jelqing, penis stretching, and using a bandage extender.

Remember whether you use devices or manual exercises, results will take time. Male enhancement is more of a marathon, not a sprint.

The same is true for every meaningful goal in life. Your patience, discipline, and work effort will be tested.

This is another reason I love male enhancement. It gives me another chance to practice those aspects of my character.

Anyway, that is all I have for you for now. Check my full Bathmate and SizeGenetics reviews. In there, I have full tutorials about how to use the devices for maximum growth and safety.

If you have an specific questions about Bathmate or SizeGenetics that I have not answered in this post or on my website then comment below.

I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Thanks again guys and to James for letting me guest post on his website. Remember to check me out at Success Rebellion if you like this post.

Ray Kingsman out for today.