From Loser to Winner: My Self-Improvement Journey


This post was originally part of a longer topic that I’ll publish on Monday. It’s an excellent post and I wanted to keep it reasonably concise.

Below, you’ll find a little background info on myself. I’ve not shared much about myself on this blog up until now.

I’ll get back to writing product reviews soon.

Right now, I have a desire to share my story.

I know that posts like this inspired me to change. My hope is that I can do the same thing for someone reading this.

If I can inspire just one of you to take action, I’ve done my job.

If you look at me now, you might think I have it all.

  • Excellent grades (top 5%)
  • Cool social circle
  • Girlfriend (plus plenty of options)
  • Online business bringing in money
  • Captain of the football team

What you don’t see is that I had to work for everything I’ve got now.

School always came easy to me. I wasn’t in the top 5% like I am now but I was always above average.

However, I was a little chubby.

My friends were losers.

I never got any interest from girls (until I decided to work on it at age 14).

I am not a natural athlete either. My lack of good genetics means I’ll never turn pro but through hard work and consistency, I’ve become one of the best players in my mediocre team.

And even when I was a crappy athlete, I was always somewhat of a leader on the playing field.

I owe a lot to football. The playing field was the only place I felt confident as a young kid.

My early experiences taught me a crucial lesson that has served me well…

No matter where you start, you can improve a ton if you put in the effort.

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

I was chubby and scared to talk to girls.

I wanted to start lifting but my parents thought I was too young to lift weights. So I started secretly doing bodyweight exercises with a heavy backpack.

My body transformed from flabby, to slightly muscular and more defined.

I also learned how to dress better.

Girls started complimenting me but I couldn’t handle the attention. I blushed and couldn’t think of anything to say.

I realised I had a problem so I started searching for a solution. That’s when I discovered this strange corner of the internet.

Most of the early “information” was crap but it served it’s purpose.

I was obsessed with improving my social skills so I constantly tried talking to people.

I became a lot more comfortable around girls by doing this.

Funny how that works.

Overnight Success

2 years of self-improvement and to be honest, I couldn’t see much in terms of results.

Sure, my physique was a little better and I was more confident around people.

But I still wasn’t getting girls and that’s what I wanted more than anything.

But then when I changed schools (graduated middle school), everything changed seemingly overnight.

My new classmates didn’t know my past. All they saw was a good-looking, funny and (sort of) normal guy.

Suddenly, I had friends.

I don’t know about the “real world” but in High School, being good-looking and part of a cool social circle sort of solves the girls problem.

Especially because I had made an effort to talk to girls and was comfortable around them now. Plus, I internalized the concept of killer instinct.

That’s the only concrete “game technique” that I can 100% vouch for.

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, this settles some of your curiosities about my background.

I really do hope that someone reads this and decides it’s time to take charge in life.

You don’t need to be lucky, genetically blessed or anything else to achieve some level of success.

I’ve improved in a bunch of different areas without becoming exceptional in anything.

Not everyone can be in the top 1% of anything. Almost every one of you could become above average though.

And being above average in multiple areas probably puts you in the top 10%.

Once again, I need to give credit to Chris from GLL for putting this concept into words.

It has helped me understand the world and become an elite guy.

He talks about it in the context of dating but I believe it applies to everything in life.

That’s all for today.

Remember to come back tomorrow (and on Monday!) to read these daily posts.

Until next time,