5 Requirements Before You Consider Using Anabolic Compounds

anabolic steroids requirements


I am not a doctor and by no means a medical professional of any sort. The information presented in this article is intended to help you make informed, rational decisions about anabolic drugs that might provide benefit in your life. It is important that before taking any of these substances that you consult with a medical professional and see if they fit your health needs.

These drugs need to be taken very seriously because they are potentially dangerous if used incorrectly.


Hello everyone. What’s popping?

My name is Ray Kingsman. I am the lead Rebel Commander at Success Rebellion.

I am making my guest posting debut here on Red Pill Reviews. I am hoping to have a fruitful and educated discussion about performance enhancing compounds.

Before that though, let me give you a little background on how I know James and my experience with anabolic compounds.

How Do I Know James?

Good question. One that has a unique answer.

James and I had interacted several times via Good Looking Loser forum online. I read about his journey to build a business and how successful he was.

I came across James’s website and saw what he had created. He inspired me to share my own experiences via the internet and build an online business.

I thank him for showing me what is possible with a little hard work, determination, and consistency.

I started my own hardcore self improvement community and James has been giving me some helpful tips along the way.

One of them, talk candidly about your experiences and share your knowledge with others so they really feel like they are walking a day in your shoes.

This is what I want to get into today with our discussion about bodybuilding, fitness, and anabolic compounds.

My Experience With Anabolic Compounds

As you might expect, I have quite the background in hardcore bodybuilding and use of anabolic compounds.

However, like some of you, I used to be hesitant on whether or not I should even mess with performance enhancing compounds.

I started lifting in 2005 when I was 14 years and saw success pretty quickly. I made great gains.

It took me a few years of lifting consistency to max out my genetic potential. I probably hit that ceiling by 20-21 years old. I would have gotten there much quicker if I had dieted correctly.

when to consider anabolic hormones

In college, I had met several people that did use anabolic compounds to maximize their gains in the gym.

I saw them consistently make progress while I consistently plateaued. This was frustrating to see and softened my stance on the use of these compounds.

Therefore, I started doing my research but still had no intentions of starting a cycle anytime soon.

When I graduated from college in 2013 and began working in the corporate world, I used bodybuilding as an escape from my mundane lifestyle.

I wanted to pursue goals outside work and used weightlifting to scratch that itch. This is when I decided to go on cycle for the first time.

I did my research on designer steroids (legal anabolic compounds) and decided to cycle Epiandrosterone (designer steroid) during a fat cutting period in the spring of 2014.

My cycle was very successful. The rest is history after that.

I cycled 1-Andro (another designer steroid) soon after and then started researching SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) in 2015 and 2016

What I Learned

During this process I learned quite a lot about anabolic compounds, what they do, who should use them, and how to use them safely.

If you are in this corner of the web, then you probably already know that most anabolic compounds can be used safely when used correctly.

So I will not get into dispelling an myths here. That is good.

But too many guys use these compounds without knowing if they should be using performance enhancing compounds in the first place.  

This is a recipe for disaster. Without knowing these crucial details, you are putting your long term physical health at risk.

You need to know two things:

1) Should I Be Using Performance Enhancing Compounds?
2) How To Go About Your Cycle Correctly To Ensure Results And Safety.

We will be covering #1 in this post and #2 in a future post.

I will go in depth on the criteria needed to use anabolic compounds.

1) You Must be 23 Years Of Age

Yes. You need to be at least 23 years old before considering using any anabolic compounds. 

This is due to a few reasons. The first reason being that growth and testosterone hormone levels for a healthy male in his teens and early twenties are already sky high.

Hitting the weights alone under those circumstances, you are bound to see great gains. Now couple that with a great diet and it’s only up from there.

Although I believe I hit my genetic peak in muscle growth around 21 years old, I was still able to add noticeable strength to my lifts across the board until I was about 22-23 years old.

This is one of the prime reasons I did not use anabolic compounds in college.

I did not want to mess with my endocrine system when it is supposedly at its peak naturally. Plus, I did not think I needed it honestly. I was right.

anabolic steroids dangerous

The second reason is due to growth plate fusion. Your growth plates are not done fusing until you are 21-23 years old.

The growth plates in your spine and hips fuse using estrogen.

When those 23 years old or younger guys use hormonal compounds, the natural ratio between hormones in the body are thrown off balance.

This (along with the use of androgenic compounds) can cause your growth plates to permanently stop fusing.

This can also be partly attributed to the estrogen climb your body will undergo while on cycle.

This happens due to either aromatization (excess testosterone converting to estrogen) or your body producing more estrogen to keep testosterone:estrogen hormone ratios the same as when you are off cycle.

I sparked up an inch in height when I was 21 years old. I went from 5’11” to 6’0″. Thank God I did not use anabolics earlier in life.

The third reason is the typical aggression due to larger testosterone levels. I have never experienced this but we have all heard the horror stories.

Younger guys already have a heightened state of aggression due to their young age and naturally high testosterone levels. Some anabolic compounds can amplify this and you need to be cautious.

2) Those Who Have At Least 2 Years Of Natty Bodybuilding Lifestyle Experience

I call this a bodybuilding lifestyle because it is a habit that is truly engrained into the way I live everyday.

Lifting, cardio, and eating right is not really a huge task. It is just something I do. Like going to the bathroom, taking a showing, cleaning your room, etc.

Those are things that you just do because they are a part of your lifestyle. You do not even think about them too much. You make time for them on a consistent basis no matter what comes up.

Do not get me wrong. It takes discipline and determination to get to that point and stay there. Only those who are serious about achieving and maintaining a great physique (or any meaningful goal or lifestyle) do so.

Those who reach that point know their bodies in and out. They have been experimenting. They try new things in the gym and kitchen all the time.

Because of the this trial and error, they know what diets and routines work best for their bodies. They know what they need to do to get the best results.

They are dedicated to hitting the gym and not missing workouts. They get 8 hours of quality sleep a night and stick to their lifestyle choices the vast majority of the time.

This person will maximize their results when they are on cycle. Performance enhancing compounds simply maximize your efforts and results in the gym.

Anabolic compounds will not undo a shitty diet or a subpar gym routine. Nothing will.

That is the common misconception about anabolic compounds. They do not cure bad habits. And they are not a quick fix.

The basics need to be mastered first. This is the only way you will great results using anabolic compounds.  

body on steroids

It took me 7 years to get to this point. 2005-2012. This is because it took me a long time to get control over my eating habits.

I had no problem hitting the gym. But I was not disciplined enough in my eating choices. I paid the price with slow results.

Once I got serious about my diet, I really got lean and shredded. It should not have taken me that long though.

If you are serious about every aspect of this bodybuilding lifestyle from the beginning, this should take 2-4 years of consistent work.

Most hit their genetic peak in that timeframe. Gaining anywhere from 30-45 pounds of lean muscle depending on your genetics. Your body can only put on so much muscle.

Once you get to this point where you feel you have hit your genetic peak and bodybuilding is a lifestyle that has become habit you cannot live without, then you can think about using anabolic compounds.

This will ensure you make the most of your cycle and get the best results. Hence maximizing your efforts.

3) Must Have Exhausted All Natty Supplement And Food Options

This goes hand and hand with the #2 requirement.

Your diet will be the biggest determinant of your results. Supplements are just that…..supplements. They are meant to supplement a good diet.

Food and diet are the most anabolic thing you can do for your body. Make sure you are taking in enough quality calories to grow or enough to cut body fat. 

Get your dieting and exercise routine down. Then use natural supplements to enhance your diet.

You know the supplements I am talking about. Protein powder, creatine, laxogenin, multivitamins, etc.

Your dieting and supplement regime must be honed down before going on cycle. You will also use supplements in conjunction with anabolic compounds.

Once again, this is the pattern I followed. I had a natty supplement stack that worked for me. I used it all throughout college with great success.

Because I had that down, I felt way more comfortable going on cycle because I knew which natural muscle building supplements I needed to use while on cycle.

4) Make Sure You Are Completely Healthy

This means making sure your health is intact before you go on cycle. Anabolic compounds can amplify pre-existing medical ailments or health conditions you might have.

This is why it is imperative that you go to the doctor and make sure you are healthy. Get a physical and blood work done.

Ensure your hormone levels are where they are supposed to be and all of your vital organs are working properly.

You want to be at full physical health before going on cycle. You can only know this by going to the doctor.

This is the step that guys ignore the most. They do not get blood work done before they go on cycle. They just think everything is fine because they feel fine.

Not always true. You can have low testosterone levels or liver issues and not even know it.

I am glad I do this before every one of my cycles. Getting these medical tests done gives me peace of mind.

It should do the same for you. Or uncover any type of physical condition you might have. Something you would not have uncovered otherwise and that you can begin treating right away.

5) Understand How Hormonal Compounds Work

You need to have a general scientific understanding of how these compounds work and what they do inside your body. 

Your knowledge of them needs to go well beyond…”It’s going to make me jacked, right?”

You need to learn what androgen receptors and enzymes are. Learn about what chemical compounds aromatize (convert to estrogen in the body).

Understand what anabolic to androgen ratio is and what it means. Try to get a general understanding of your endocrine system and how it functions on and off cycle. Understand the potential side effects.

This will actually help you understand your body and how to best utilize these anabolic compounds.

This basic understanding of your body will also help you understand which compounds are best for which goals. You will make better choices overall for your body and fitness goals. 

How Strict Are These Guidelines?

These guidelines are pretty strict and you should follow them closely.

You should not use any anabolic compounds until you have met all 5 requirements above. No sooner.

It might be conservative. But it minimizes any potential short or long term health risks.

Too many guys ignore these things and put themselves in harms way when it could be easily avoided by using patience, exercising self-discipline, and doing your due diligence.

Ray Kingsman physique

There Are No Quick Fixes

As mentioned earlier, anabolic compounds are not a quick fix. They will not overshadow a crappy diet, sub par gym routine, or unclear fitness goals.

You need to have all three of those checked off before considering going on cycle. They encompass the bodybuilding lifestyle.

Once you realize and internalize there are no quick fixes in life (especially in bodybuilding), it turns off the instant gratification monkey in your head.

This will allow you to take steps in working toward your long term future.

Hence, it makes this process much easier to embark on and deal with.


This is where you can start asking yourself whether or not you are ready to use anabolic compounds.

These requirements will disqualify a lot of you guys for one reason or another. That is fine. That is the point actually.

Stay patient and disciplined. Especially if you are too young to use anabolic compounds. Do not worry. There are plenty of things you can do in the meantime in order to keep making progress on your physique.

Keep working on your diet and gym routine. Perfect your supplement stack. Attend to and properly manage any physical health issues if you have them.

Do your research. Get a general scientific understanding of what hormonal compounds do and how they work inside your body. This will give you a better idea of how your body works. This will take time too.

Overall, I believe it is well worth your time to invest in the aspects I mentioned above. They will keep you from putting your health at risk and help you achieve a great physique.

Treat this process like a marathon. Not a sprint. You have to be in it for the long haul. I am. Are you?

I hope this post was helpful to you. If so, please share it with others. If you want more in depth discussions on anabolic compounds come visit me at Success Rebellion.

I would like to thank James for letting me guest post on his website. It is much appreciated.

Also thanks to you guys for reading this post.

I have another post coming shortly on how to maximize your results on cycle.

Talk to you soon.

Ray Kingsman