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Red Pill Reviews YouTube

I recently launched the official Red Pill Reviews YouTube channel.

I plan to release videos sporadically whenever I get time. I’ll cover whatever you want to learn about.

These videos are for you. You’ve helped me develop my various businesses and ideas and for that I am grateful.

My reasons for creating a YouTube channel are varied:

  • Faster way to produce content and answer your questions
  • Expand the reach of RPR to a new platform
  • Learn how YouTube works (always try to learn new skills)
  • Learn how to make engaging YouTube videos
  • Enhance existing reviews with videos

It just seems like the right move for myself and this brand at the moment.

You’ve undoubtedly realized that I’ve not been writing as often recently. In the future, I’ll use YouTube to answer any good questions I receive and teach you some tips and tricks for making money online.

On that note, if you have anything you’d like to see discussed or questions you want answered, just leave them in the comments or send me a tweet.

Below, you can watch my first 2 YouTube videos. You might need to turn the volume way up because the audio is rather quiet (Thank you Tddaygame for pointing this out).

The quality leaves plenty of room for improvement as you can see. No doubt I’ll get better over time and that should allow me to help some of you build your own YouTube channels too.

Thank you for your constant support on this site and social media. It means a lot.

Until next time,


  • With youtube we can create FAST content.