Red Burner vs. Lipodrene Review

Any Red Burner vs. Lipodrene review should begin by acknowledging that Lipodrene is very effective at burning fat and suppressing appetite.

When you’re looking to shed pounds and look great you want to make sure you’re using the most effective weight-loss supplements. Lipodrene is highly regarded as an effective way to slim down and boost your energy.

James has written an excellent review of Red Burner, which you can read here. But how does it compare to Lipodrene?

Red Burner by Red Supplements is the new kid on the block. Does it have what it takes to dethrone the king of fat burners?

It’s Red Burner vs. Lipodrene in a battle to find out which one should be in your supplement cabinet. Read on to find out which fat burner comes out on top.

We’ll get to the details in just a moment. First, you should congratulate yourself on making the decision to finally shed those extra pounds that you’ve been carrying around.

Let’s use a visualization technique to jump-start your weight loss.

When you wake up in the morning and decide it’s time to shred away the excess fat which bottle are you going to reach for? The red one or the blue and yellow one?

red burner vs lipodrene

The best one, obviously. You twist off the cap, shake out a pill or two, and wash it down with a cold glass of water.

Grabbing your keys, you head out the door to the gym. By the time you get there you feel the extra energy kicking in as the fat burner works its magic.

You’re ready to kill it.

Red Burner vs. Lipodrene Review: Mood Enhancement

Now that the visualization has got you amped up to shred away at the gym, let’s examine the effects that Red Burner and Lipodrene each have on your mood.

Lipodrene comes on strongly. Within twenty minutes of taking it you’ll start to feel a boost in mood and a strong desire to WANT to work out.

About an hour to an hour and a half later that feeling turns into a feeling of being “on edge.” Irritability and impatience may start to creep in and it’s important for you to monitor yourself to make sure you’re not being snappy with co-workers or family.

Red Burner, on the other hand, has a more gentle onset. You’ll feel the motivation to work out about twenty to thirty minutes after taking it.

Along with that will come a noticeable improvement in your mood.

One of the active ingredients in Red Burner is ß-phenylethylamine. This compound is found in certain foods and plays a key role in improving mood (it’s found in chocolate, for example).

With Red Burner you’ll notice that your mood will be improved and you’ll feel less “edgy” than with Lipodrene.

When it comes to overall mood effects in the Red Burner vs. Lipodrene contest, Red Burner is the clear winner.

Red Burner vs. Lipodrene Review: Motivation

Feeling good is important only if it helps you accomplish your goal of shedding excess fat. How does Red Burner compare to Lipodrene when it comes to MOTIVATION to work out?

With Lipodrene you will feel an intense desire to work out. It’s a strong urge that you’ll find almost impossible to resist.

With Lipodrene you’ll have to work out or else you’ll feel anxious and restless.

Now compare this with the motivation you’ll feel with Red Burner. Just as with the mood enhancement, your motivation to work out will come on gently and steadily.

With Red Burner you’ll feel that you want to work out.

You won’t feel an almost-manic desire to work out as with Lipodrene.

This will give you better control of the intensity of your workouts.

Red Burner vs. Lipodrene in regards to motivation to work out – both work but Red Burner gives you better control over this aspect

Red Burner vs. Lipodrene Review: Energy Boost

When it comes to pure energy boosting effects there is a noticeable difference between Red Burner and Lipodrene.

With Lipodrene you’ll feel a huge surge of energy that leaves you with a restless need to work out.

Red Burner’s energy boost is not quite as intense. You’ll still reap the benefits of more energy to work out – it just won’t be as overwhelming as with Lipodrene.

The trade-off is that the rush of energy from Lipodrene comes at the cost of feeling slightly “wired”. You’ll have plenty of extra energy to work with, but you may find it hard to stay focused on tasks after your workout session because your mind will be racing ahead.

If you want a manic rush for your workouts and don’t mind the trade-off, then Lipodrene has the slight edge over Red Burner when it comes to pure energy boost potential.

Red Burner vs. Lipodrene Review: Appetite Control

Both Lipodrene and Red Burner do a good job of suppressing appetite.

You’ll find it easy to control food cravings with both supplements. In fact, you’ll probably have to remind yourself to eat because hunger just won’t be an issue.

When it comes to appetite control, Red Burner vs. Lipodrene results in a tie.

Red Burner vs. Lipodrene Review: Measuring Doses

Lipodrene can be challenging to gauge the correct amount to take. If you’re just starting out, one whole tablet may be way too much. You’ll have to cut a tablet in half as the effects of taking a whole one may be overwhelming at first.

In comparison, Red Burner is measured in whole pill doses. One Red Burner pill will give you about the same effects as one half of a Lipodrene tablet. It’s easier to scale up to take one or two pills as needed.

red burner vs lipodrene pills

Add to this the fact that the Lipodrene tablets have a smooth coating and can be slippery to cut using a knife.

This makes measuring doses much easier to do with Red Burner.

Red Burner vs. Lipodrene Review: Maximizing Your Workout

Both Lipodrene and Red Burner continue working even after you leave the gym.

Each of them has active ingredients which act as fat burners to force your body to work harder to burn calories even after you finish your workout. You’ll see this referenced as a thermogenic effect.

You’ve already summoned the willpower to get to the gym and finish a workout, so you may as well squeeze every possible advantage out of that use of willpower. This is where a supplement that boosts your fat-burning comes in handy.

In this regard both Lipodrene and Red Burner provide excellent results. This one’s a toss-up since they both work equally well.

Red Burner vs. Lipodrene Review: Summary

Overall, Red Burner feels more refined than Lipodrene.

Both will suppress your appetite about the same and deliver the same thermogenic fat-burning effects after your workout.

Both will give you a boost of energy and motivate you to work out, but Lipodrene may leave you feeling a bit manic and wired whereas Red Burner delivers a smoother intensity that is easier to control.

In addition to this, once you feel the mood enhancement that Red Burner provides compared to Lipodrene and factor in how easier it is to dose, Red Burner edges out Lipodrene in the battle of fat burners.

The king of fat burners has been dethroned. Long live the new king!

Red Burner should join your workout supplement stack if you want to boost your fat burning to look good AND feel great while doing it.


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