How to Put Yourself in a Great Mood

improve mood with music

Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich is the book that opened my eyes to a new concept.

You can control your thoughts and therefore, you can control your emotions.

You can make yourself happier, more focused or relaxed.

I believe that maximizing the time you spend in a happy state is a reasonable life-goal.

You’ll do this by working hard on your own businesses or a career you love, staying healthy and building deep connections with other humans.

All those activities should make you happy in the long run.

But do you really need to wait until you’re successful before you can be happy?

I don’t think so.

First of all, the act of working towards your goals should put you in a good mood most of the time.

Sure, you’ll have times when you’re tired and stressed out. Again, I’d refer you to Gorilla Mindset for how to control your emotions during those times.

I read Gorilla Mindset exactly one year ago.

Since then, I’ve learned how to put myself in a great mood almost instantly.

You can also use the same techniques to get in the right frame of mind for working, socializing or lifting weights.

But let’s look at simply being full of joy first.

4 Ways to Make Yourself Happy (Almost) Instantly

Here are my 4 suggestions on putting yourself in a good mood.

You don’t necessarily need to do all of these at once. However, they somewhat complement each other and combined are very powerful.

1. Cut Out Negative Self-Talk

You need to actively stop negative thoughts from developing in your head.

You’ll catch that little voice in your head going to a negative place. Stop it immediately.

This step won’t make you happier by itself.

It’s a precaution against the opposite side of being able to influence your emotions.

Thinking negative thoughts will make you unhappy.

So cut them out and then move on to the next step where we’re going to make you feel great about your life.

2. Listen to Music Without Headphones

Listening to happy music is proven to make you happier.

In my experience, the music just needs to SOUND positive. The lyrics don’t matter as much as the overall vibe of the song.

You have your own music preferences so listen to whatever you enjoy.

I highly recommend you blast it through speakers instead of using headphones.

Listening to music with headphones improves my mood as well but the effect isn’t as strong.

I can’t explain it but it’s a pattern I’ve noticed.

Try it and see for yourself if you don’t believe me.

3. Sing Along and Dance

I hope I haven’t lost you yet because we’re only just getting to the good stuff.

You might not like dancing. You might suck at it too.

Perhaps you’ve never enjoyed singing. If that’s the case, you probably suck at it.

That doesn’t matter one bit.

Assuming you’re at home, nobody will see, hear or judge you.

It’s crucial that you can let yourself go and really enjoy the music.

Your singing and dancing doesn’t need to be good.

All you need to be is committed.

The worst thing you can do is being shy about your dance moves. Trust me, you won’t get the same benefit.

My singing sounds more like shouting and my dancing resembles a monkey thrusting his fist in the air.

And that doesn’t bother me one bit.

I don’t sing and dance to impress others with my skill. I do it because it makes me feel fantastic.

If you really hate dancing, start by just moving around.

Movement + Music + Singing = Tons of Energy

At this stage – keep in mind, it only takes me around 3 minutes to reach it – I generally feel revitalized.

I’ve got tons of energy and I’m ready to take on the world.

Now I just need to channel this energy into something positive that further boosts my mood.

My two suggestions are…

4. Write Something or Exercise

Writing puts me in a good mood.

If you dislike writing, it’s probably because of writer’s block.

Not knowing what to write sucks but can be cured.

If you go through the steps 1-3, you’ll already be in a good mood. That will cure writer’s block for some of you.

The rest is just down to practice. Start writing something (literally anything that comes to mind) every single day.

You’ll soon learn to enjoy writing.

Alternatively, you could use all of the energy you’ve got from singing and dancing to exercise.

Notice I say “exercise” and not “train”.

Training follows some type of structure and is used to accomplish a goal (losing fat, gaining muscle, becoming faster, etc.).

Exercise simply means moving in some way.

Playing tennis with a buddy is exercise (and a lot of fun by the way!).

Lifting weights is training.

Playing tennis could also be training if you’re a tennis player…but you get the point.

For the purpose of becoming happier, you don’t need to train.

Any type of movement that you enjoy will do the trick.


Because the goal isn’t any physical progress.

Putting yourself in a good mood is the goal and exercising – in any way that you enjoy – is perfect for that.

Closing Thoughts

These are just some examples of how you can take control of your emotional state.

I recommend you try them for yourself and monitor how you feel.

More importantly, start analysing how different actions, foods, people, etc. influence your mood.

Ideally, you’d start writing this down in a journal. Thereby killing two birds with one stone…

You’ll discover ways to make yourself happier and you’ll start writing daily.

You’re writing skills will improve and you might even find you enjoy writing.

That is exactly how I got into the habit of writing.

That’s all for today.

Until next time,


P.S. If you liked this post, you absolutely have to read Gorilla Mindset. It is without a question the (non-business) book that has influenced me the most.