Mindset Shift: Making Money Is Just a Game

making money game

Since I’ve been writing daily posts, all of them have been about making money in one form or another.

I know it’s only been a week but this is an interesting theme.

It wasn’t a conscious decision I made.

I just write about whatever comes to mind on any given day.

Sometimes, I’ll plan my posts in advance (most of my reviews). However, I’ve just been writing about whatever is going through my head this week.

And interestingly, these posts have all been about internet business topics.


Are Niche Sites A Real Business?

How to Decide if a Business Idea is Worth Your Time

The reason is simple…

I’m obsessed with making money online.

Obsession With Business

I hate the word “business” in this context.

It makes you think of old guys in ill-fitting suits going about their miserable lives.

But “Obsession with Money” isn’t any more fitting.

I’m not obsessed with money. I’m obsessed with making  money.

There’s a huge difference.

Making Money is a Game

And a very fun one too.

I enjoy it a lot more than any video game I ever played.

Making money is the only thing that I enjoy more than competitive sports.

Men are competitive by nature. That’s why we love sports.

Some guys spend their free-time watching other men compete in professional sports.

I prefer competing myself.

My Favourite Sport is Making Money

Business is a competitive sport.

You are fighting against competitors.

You are trying to set new personal records.

The first time I made a decent affiliate sale, I had to stop myself from screaming in celebration.

This is how I imagine my face must have looked when I saw my first affiliate commission.

This is how I imagine my face must have looked when I saw my first affiliate commission.


It’s Not About the Money

I’m only 17 years old.

My parents aren’t rich. We live very comfortably in a quiet neighbourhood as part of the (upper-) middle class.

I wasn’t struggling to pay my bills when I decided to make money online.

There was no “now or never” moment.

I’ve not spent a single dollar of my extra income. If you look at my life from the outside, nothing has changed.

My friends don’t know about my side-hustles. I haven’t told my parents either… but they are smart so they might have figured it out.

So if I didn’t need the money and my lifestyle hasn’t changed, why even bother?

I decided to make money online because I wanted to know if I could do it.

It isn’t about buying a cool car to impress other people.

Making money online was a challenge I wanted to conquer.

Aim to Become Better Every Single Day

Since I was 14, I’ve always been trying to improve in one area.

Improving Appearance

I didn’t like the way I looked so I started lifting weights and improved my style.

It worked. My body got more muscular and more defined. My new clothes showed off the improvements I made in the gym.

On to the next challenge…

Making Cool Friends

I wasn’t happy with the male friends I had so I put myself in social situations with cool guys.

Cool guys mostly liked me but they never invited me to hang out when there were girls around.

Getting Girls

By putting myself in situations where I had to interact with girls from my school, I slowly became more comfortable around them.

Some of them must have thought I was weird but I didn’t care. I knew that this was something I had to do for success in the long-term.

And I did improve.

I tried to improve in all these areas and I succeeded in every one of them.

Overnight Success

It was a slow process but the results showed more or less overnight when I started High School.

In the new environment I was suddenly popular. I had friends and girls were interested in me.

I enjoyed it for a while until I became bored with it.

Once I realised that my popularity was set in stone for the next couple of years, I started searching for a new challenge.

The question became, what area do I want to improve now?

New Goal: Making Money

I was a reader of Wall Street Playboys.

That’s the first blog that confirmed what I always knew…

It’s better to be rich than middle class.

Shocking I know.

But think about it, how many people do you know in real life who admit this?

I didn’t know any.

Wall Street Playboys changed my worldview.

Good Looking Loser and Bold & Determined gave me the confidence that I can make money online.

30 Days to X gave me the blueprint that I’ve used to start making money.

Those 4 blogs will always have a special place in my heart.

Since I didn’t want to wait until after college to start making money, internet marketing was the obvious choice.

I’m grateful I was exposed to such great blogs at an early age.

Not only am I making some extra money on the side, but I’ve also learned a lot about business and being an entrepreneur.

Working for Yourself vs Working for a Company

Working hard and seeing that effort turn into profit is incredibly fun.

Working all day at a mundane job where you can’t measure progress kills your soul.

I believe the key is being able to see a measurable difference when you put in extra effort.

When you work on your own business, that’s always the case.

More/Better Work = More Money

Working for someone else, you won’t always get this benefit.

In certain jobs you’ll see your effort pay off reasonably quickly (sales springs to mind). But most people can’t say “My work has added $XXX to my company’s profit this year.”

I’ve always wanted to work in a job with a quick feedback-loop.

I remember trying to put this thought into words when I was around 10 years old. I might not have done a great job of explaining it (give me a break, I was 10) but I distinctly remember what my mom told me…

“Most jobs aren’t like that.”

Guess what? She was right.

At the time, I felt disappointed. Now, I understand that most jobs aren’t for me.

My opinion on this topic hasn’t changed since I was 10 years old. In fact, my minor successes in online business have confirmed that this is the type of work I want to pursue.

Why Do YOU Want to Be An Entrepreneur?

Thinking back to when I was around 10…

I’ve always wanted to be what people now refer to as a nomadic entrepreneur.

Of course, I didn’t know they existed.

I pictured myself working in finance, wearing awesome suits, having business meetings all over the world and making a ton of money.

Yeah, I was am a strange kid.

Fun fact: I started my first blog when I was 13. My goal was to make money online. I quit when my parents found out (or got dangerously close to finding out).

However, my dream was never to work for myself so that I don’t have a boss.

And it still isn’t something I care about much.

Of course, this has a lot to do with my limited work experience. I’ve worked two different summer jobs and got on well with both of my bosses.

I understand why guys get into business for themselves if their boss is an ass. But it was never a reason for me.

Point is, there are tons of possible reasons why you’d want to build your own business.

Find your own reasons.

Cling to them and work every day to make your vision a reality.

You’ll find success eventually.

Trust me.

That’s all for today.

Until next time,


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  • Love this post. “My favorite sport is making money” what a great quote. Since money is the foundation upon which your free is built its surprising more people do not delve deeper into how to make it. I only recently started and looking back I should have addressed it much earlier. However once things get rolling you feel great, having just made my first affiliate sale recently I had the same feeling lol. Regardless of what you want to do in life or who you want to be making money is going to be needed to do it. Even if you just want to backpack around the world you still need to understand how to make money. It is an essential skill.

    • James

      Hi Charles,

      Congratulations on making your first affiliate sale!

      I’m delighted to read that you’re enjoying these posts. It makes this daily posting challenge a lot more rewarding when I get great comments like yours.


  • It is true that making money is fun. Very well written James.

    • James

      Thank you, Dylan!
      Making money is fun especially when it’s on your own terms.