Why I Decided to Get Into the Leanest Shape of my Life

Disclaimer: What I did wasn’t necessarily smart and I wouldn’t recommend the majority of you follow my example. However, you can learn from my experience and apply it to a smarter training and diet plan.

This year, I decided I wanted to get into the leanest shape of my life.

Gaining size has always been easier than dropping body fat for me. I’ve got a somewhat broad build naturally and I love eating. My attitude towards food is / wasn’t entirely healthy. I have / had a tendency to overeat in massive ways and binge when I’m under stress or tired. For those reasons, I’ve never been truly ripped in my life.

Well, this summer is going to be different I decided. With multiple fun trips planned to various places around Europe, I have an extra motivator to get into great shape.

Hiring a Trainer

I decided that I wanted to work with AJA Cortes to achieve my goals. Unfortunately, things have worked out the way I wanted because I injured myself while playing sports shortly after we started working together.

My injury is slowly healing and I’m back in the gym – although not quite fully fit yet. It won’t be long until I can start working with AJA Cortes which I’m looking forward to.

Losing Fat While Injured

Here’s the part of my strategy that isn’t smart. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to train properly for at least 4-6 weeks. So the question was, do I remain in a calorie deficit or go back to maintenance?

I opted to stay in a deficit and accept that I will lose more muscle than would normally be necessary.

Losing muscle that you’ve built up over a long period of time sucks. However, I decided that I’d rather get lean and be less muscular for a while.


It’s psychological…

Master Your Mind

My eating habits weren’t healthy before. I ate too much junk food and as a result constantly battled cravings for more crappy food.

I knew this had to change and being on a low-calorie diet actually helped me eat a healthier diet because I didn’t have any spare calories for junk food on most days. 

I was still following a flexible diet approach, however having a low calorie budget makes me want to eat healthy / filling foods instead of sweets.

Going back to maintenance calories (around 2500 for me – even without training), would have allowed me to add more treats without going over my calories. On the surface, this seems like a benefit, but knowing myself and my tendency to fall into a spiral when regularly consuming sweets, I didn’t want to risk my newly developed healthy eating habits.

There was also a second reason I continued to eat below my maintenance. I have to prove to myself that I can get very lean.

The truth is, I am fairly confident that being sub 10% body fat isn’t all that special once you get there. However, to not only know this on a logical level, but also internalize this truth, you need to experience it first-hand.

You need to get to a low body fat and realize that it isn’t all that it’s hyped up to be. Then, you’ll be free from the desire to get to very low body fat levels and you can start looking for your ideal level of leanness where you look and feel great.

Closing Thoughts

This post wasn’t supposed to be about this topic. I started writing about how I’ve been losing weight, but soon realized there was a backstory that needs to be covered first.

I haven’t been writing much lately and it’s not something I am entirely happy about. Business is going well, but there are many benefits to writing regularly that aren’t reflected in the growth of my online businesses.

Going forward, you can expect more short posts like this on topics that are going through my head.

This will serve as a type of online journal, but at the same time, I hope many of you can benefit from the insights as well.

Of course, if you have any topics you’d like to see me write about, just let me know.

Until next time,


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