December 2016 Reading List For Red Pill Men

We’re back with another edition of the popular reading list.

It’s actually the 12th reading list because I started doing these back in January. You guys seem to like them so I’ll continue doing them.

I read a lot of books and blog posts so these come easy to me. The topics vary from month to month based on what I’m learning, doing and interested in.

This month will have somewhat of a focus on investing and personal finance which is something I haven’t covered much. Those topics are important to me and they should be important to you too if you want to become financially independent.

While blog posts are great, they are no alternative to actual books. You’ll get a much deeper understanding from reading a basic book than you will from studying blogs for months.

A perfect example of this would be A Random Walk Down Wall Street. That’s a great primer on investing which I recommend everybody should read. You’ll benefit much more from the following blog posts if you learn the basics from a book first.

With that said, let’s delve in…

Develop Your Dating Gameplan – Revolutionary Lifestyle Design

I’ve been reading Will’s site ever since I picked up his great books on organization and sales.

Usually, it’s the other way around: You read the blog first and then buy the writer’s books.

Having said that, I might never have become a reader of RLD if I hadn’t read his books. His free content is excellent and his books are even better. I have to thank Jake from Nomadic Hustle for recommending this blog.

Will Freemen recently made a massive series on developing your dating gameplan. It’s long, detailed and filled with wisdom.

What I love about Will’s advice is that he doesn’t try to create one-size-fits-all solutions. He realizes that what works for some people, won’t work for others.

This is often lacking in the “Red Pill community”. I believe it’s an overreaction to the mainstream mantra of “Every person is unique!”

As usual, neither extreme is correct.

For example:

Reading books will benefit everyone. But the specific books you should read, depend on your goals and skill level among other factors.

So while everyone should read books, the specific books you read aren’t universal.

It’s the same with your dating gameplan: Everyone should create a plan based on their current situation and desires.

If you’ve never thought about your dating gameplan before, Will Freemen’s series will get you started on the right track.

You can listen to part 1 right on this page…

What Men Don’t Understand About Female Attraction – Black Drag Blog

This is a crucial concept for you to understand while interacting with women.

It’s not exactly simple and frankly, as a man, you’ll probably never quite understand it.

Women think differently to us. Try to understand it, but more importantly, accept it as reality and adjust your actions accordingly.

You can’t control what other people do. Maybe in the short-term, but rarely in the long run.

You can, however, control how you interact with your environment. To do that successfully, you need to understand the world and see it for what it is.

In my opinion, that is a life-long process. Mentors and great blogs can help you on that path, but at the end of the day, you still need to come up with your own conclusions based on experiences.

These male-female dynamics aren’t easy to understand on a deep level. Through the use of some insanely simple graphics, he (“Black Dragon”) manages to get his message across.

I doubt I’ll ever forget those images. Simplicity is powerful.

Internalize the principles in this post and you’ll experience a lot less frustration in your dating life.

How to Be Attractive to Women – Bold and Determined

This blog post is almost 5 years old. Timeless content that will be just as useful 10 years from now.

I don’t share this post for the information inside, but to make a point: There’s a ton of valuable content buried in the archives of your favourite blogs.

Instead of waiting for those bloggers to release new content, make an effort to dig up those gold nuggets that apply to your life.

Here’s another example, if you prefer Wall Street Playboys to Bold & Determined…

Are You Counting the Wrong Days? – Wall Street Playboys

This post describes a powerful shift you can make to your mindset. It will happen over time if you start working on yourself, but I’d never seen it put into words like this.

There’s a¬†personal note I’d like to add as we’re closing in on the new year…

2016 was the year I worked the most. I’ve created multiple niche sites, this blog and even a small software company. I’ve spent a lot of time at my desk staring at a computer screen.

And to tell you the truth, 2016 has been by far the most fun year of my life.

Putting in long hours isn’t enjoyable while you’re doing it. But the rapid progress you make over 3, 6, 12 months makes every day of work worthwhile.

I couldn’t have imagined this one year ago. My whole mindset on working hard has changed. Before I worked because I wanted to succeed; now I work because it’s what I want to spend my time doing.

Of course, succeeding and making a bunch of money is my goal. But the fast (but non-linear) improvements are what get me out of bed in the morning.

On Turning 30 – Naughty Nomad

A powerful podcast with a lot of wisdom.

Mark Zolo has had quite a life and he’s just getting started. I’ve always liked these types of reflective content because I believe it offers a unique insight into someone’s experiences.

He isn’t trying to teach you any specific lesson. But by telling his story, you’ll undoubtedly come to your own conclusions.

I listened to the podcast right before my 18th birthday which gave me perspective on what’s to come in the next decade. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I recommend you do so now.

How to Conduct Your Own Annual Review – Chris Guillebeau

With the new year coming up, the never-ending debate about New Year’s resolutions will return.

It’s a huge topic that I don’t really care for. Use the new year as a reason to change your habits if you want. You could change starting today, but if it takes you until January 1st, so be it.

Doing an annual review on the other hand, is universally beneficial.

  • What did you do right?
  • What did you do wrong?
  • How are you going to get yourself closer to your goals in 2017?

Asking yourself these questions and taking time to reflect on your habits in 2016 will help you clear your mind. With a clear and focused mind, you can start the new year on the right foot.

You’ll know what you need to change. If in 12 months time you’re still struggling with the same issues, you’ll have nobody to blame but yourself.

How to Keep a Digital Commonplace – Start Gaining Momentum

Ludvig describes his system for keeping track of everything he learns.

I already do something quite similar to him. After reading his post, I decided to kick my note-taking up a notch. I’ve now got my (almost) daily journal + notes on various topics in OneNote.

If you’re working hard at anything you want to improve, I recommend you start taking notes as well. You’ll speed up your learning curve and feel happier on a day-to-day basis.

Take notes on what you read and more importantly, your own experiences and conclusions. Writing is a great habit to get into whether you publish the words or not.

Using a digital commonplace will help you as we move on to the next section based around investing and personal finance.

Personal Finance Posts: How to Become Financially Free

The following posts are all the blog posts you’ll ever need to become financially free.

The majority are from Wall Street Playboys, but I’ve also thrown some Financial Samurai into the mix.

Follow the advice and you will become moderately rich (net worth: $500k+). Easier said that done of course, but nobody said becoming rich was supposed to be easy.

These posts are the basis of my personal views on money. Your current views might differ, but I think you’ll find the arguments compelling. If not, that’s fine too! You are free to do whatever you believe will make you happy.

Those 12 posts should give you a good foundation to start building your financial nest. Don’t forget to pick up a basic investing book too!

Of course, there are contradictions between some of those posts. You need to make a picture in your mind and adjust according to your life’s circumstances.

Making money is important. Managing your money is just as crucial.

Learn this skill early or pay a big price later. The choice is yours.

That’s all for today.

Until next time,


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