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Why You Need A Stationary Exercise Bike At Home

stationary bike review

I’ve been using a stationary exercise bike for cardio a lot recently. Most of you probably do some form of cardio (or at least you should). However, the majority of people do their cardio at the gym or outside. While the latter does have some benefits, it’s not always ideal. Are you going to stay […]

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The Grid Foam Roller By TriggerPoint Performance

I am a huge fan of foam rolling. It removes knots in your muscles which stretching alone won’t do anything about. Foam rolling is an easy way to give yourself a massage. Getting rid of tightness in your muscles is a very important part of injury prevention. If you have nagging knee, back or shoulder […]

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Warrior Shredding Program: Get Shredded For Summer

I started leaning down on the 1st of January using the Warrior Shredding Program. Most people don’t start until March or April and that’s why most people will never get shredded. I have a large appetite so in that sense I have “bad genetics” for fat loss. Instead of crying about my “misfortune”, I tried […]

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