The Stoic: Control and Emotions

introduction to stoicism

This is a guest post by @StoicReason. Having recently studied stoicism, I believe this is a concept that will benefit many of you. It’s a philosophy of life that goes well with Red Pill viewpoints and will therefore appeal to some of you. This is a somewhat complex topic so don’t expect to fully understand […]

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5 Supplements to Promote Gut Health

supplements for gut health

What if I told you that your gut and brain were connected? Would you call me crazy? I probably would too. I’m not joking though. More and more research is coming out that is showing how intricately connected the two are. So much that your mental health and cognition depend on how good your gut health […]

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Red Pill Reviews YouTube

I recently launched the official Red Pill Reviews YouTube channel. I plan to release videos sporadically whenever I get time. I’ll cover whatever you want to learn about. These videos are for you. You’ve helped me develop my various businesses and ideas and for that I am grateful. My reasons for creating a YouTube channel […]

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SizeGenetics And Bathmate Reviews: Penis Growth Devices That Actually Work

bathmate review sizegenetics reviews

Introduction Hello Everyone, Ray Kingsman here from Success Rebellion, coming back at you to talk more about male enhancement. More specifically, penis enlargement. We have already talked about jelqing and penis stretching already. These are great exercises to start your penis enhancement journey with. They are performed manually, very effective, safe when done correctly, and free […]

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BeetElite – Endurance Pre-Workout Review

beet elite review

Like many others health conscious individuals, I enjoy working out frequently. You could even say that I take things too seriously. There was a point in time where I was focusing too much on the pre-workout supplements I was taking instead of the workouts themselves. I fell for the advertisements of different flashy pre-workout supplements […]

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