BeetElite – Endurance Pre-Workout Review

beet elite review

Like many others health conscious individuals, I enjoy working out frequently. You could even say that I take things too seriously. There was a point in time where I was focusing too much on the pre-workout supplements I was taking instead of the workouts themselves. I fell for the advertisements of different flashy pre-workout supplements that promised to boost my energy and increase muscle growth.

I have since outgrown that stage and now put more effort into my workouts. However, that doesn’t mean I completely abstain from pre-workout supplements entirely. The difference now is that I only use the bare minimum and make sure I use things that work. BeetElite is one of these.

Why Beets?

Now to most, the name itself might be pretty off-putting. I have to admit it was for me at first but then I liked the supplement so much I didn’t care how it tasted. The reason it is called BeetElite is that it contains a concentrated beet extract equivalent to eating six beets.

Now the beets are important because they are a natural source of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is naturally released in your bloodstream by endothelial cells during physical activity. The nitric oxide serves to dilate your blood vessels which increase blood flow as well as relaxes soft muscle tissue. Beets naturally contain higher levels of nitrates. Many studies have described the benefits of increased nitric oxide levels including this study and also this other study.

Besides serving a role in physical activity it also has been shown to aid in memory function, assist the immune system, improve sleep quality and even reduce inflammation. This is all due to the fact that it dilates the blood vessels which allows for blood to move oxygen around the body more easily.

In fact, you might already be familiar with a popular drug that aids in nitric oxide production. The prescription drug, Viagra (aka the blue pill), is a potent inhibitor of an enzyme that regulates nitric oxide. By taking Viagra you will experience a dramatic increase in blood flow due to the extra nitric oxide.

Effects of BeetElite

Don’t worry, BeetElite is not like Viagra and won’t send you to the ER after 4 hours or more. Instead after 30 – 60 minutes after ingesting some BeetElite you will be ready to workout with the added strength of the nitric oxide in your blood. The advertised effects include a natural energy and increased stamina.

The product is mainly advertised to endurance athletes but I have found it to be effective for weightlifting as well. Weightlifting tends to have strenuous bouts where endurance is tested and this is where I think this product shines.


Overall this is a very safe product due to the fact that the product contains non-GMO beetroot powder. I can’t think of something safer as a supplement due to the fact that you are basically ingesting a powdered form of the food. Magnesium and Vitamin C are added as well . These just serve to help create ideal conditions for nitric oxide production in the body.


I don’t know about everyone else out there but beets aren’t exactly a staple in my diet. In the past, I always kind of shrugged off beets as gross and wasn’t exactly looking forward to tasting this product. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find it tasted much better than expected. I got the Black Cherry flavor and it did a good job of hiding the common “dirt-like” taste. It wasn’t overly sweet as that would require adding a bunch of sugar which isn’t exactly something I want in a pre-workout. Due to this it might be advisable to mix into a shake or something similar. So in terms of taste I would probably have to give it a 7 out of 10.

My Experience With BeetElite

I purchased this product well over a month ago and am almost out of the first tub. Each tub contains 20 servings which is a little pricey for the pre-workout category but I believe that this product is worth it.

Before the first time I took it I made sure to perform a few different types of sprints as well as recording my performance in a few different benchmark exercises. This was after my regular workout.

Two days later when I went for my next workout, I went about everything as I normally would have except this time I had taken a serving of the BeetElite beforehand. I’m not going to lie to you this was one of the better workouts that I had experienced at this point.

My workout partner noticed that I seemed to push harder and that when I would normally tap out I could bang out a couple more reps. I personally noticed that I also had a nicer pump at the end as well. As for the benchmark, I did manage to improve my time on the sprints and perform better in the benchmark exercises but not as much as I thought.

Now, you might be thinking why would I pay extra money in order to get just a 5-15% increase in endurance and strength?

I acknowledge that this isn’t something like steroids. Personally, anything that allows me to perform better and more efficiently in the gym is something that I like. Also, instead of being wiped out after my normal, rough workout I was able to go about the rest of my day with a noticeably higher amount of energy than normal.

Of course, I made sure to try a couple more workouts with the product. Then I tried a few without it just to make sure that I wasn’t crazy.

I wasn’t.

This still provides me with the energy and endurance I need to push myself higher. That in itself, is why it as earned itself a spot in my permanent lineup.

Final Thoughts on BeetElite

I decided to try this product for one reason. That reason is that I am personally not a fan of the current market for pre-workout supplements. I believe that many of these products contain unnecessary amounts of caffeine and god knows what else. There are even pre-workout supplements that contain nitrites that work to promote the release of nitric oxide when ingested.

I don’t necessarily believe that there is anything inherently unsafe about these chemicals. I would just rather stick to something that is more natural and clean. Personally, I have tried some of these other pre-workouts and I didn’t like the results. Many of them made me too jittery or anxious. Many also gave me the famous pin prick sensations which is the result of L-Arginine and the nitrite. Some people might possibly need something stronger than this but this should be more than enough for most people. It worked for me and I hope it works for you as well.