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5 Supplements to Promote Gut Health

supplements for gut health

What if I told you that your gut and brain were connected? Would you call me crazy? I probably would too. I’m not joking though. More and more research is coming out that is showing how intricately connected the two are. So much that your mental health and cognition depend on how good your gut health […]

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BeetElite – Endurance Pre-Workout Review

beet elite review

Like many others health conscious individuals, I enjoy working out frequently. You could even say that I take things too seriously. There was a point in time where I was focusing too much on the pre-workout supplements I was taking instead of the workouts themselves. I fell for the advertisements of different flashy pre-workout supplements […]

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Adderall vs Modafinil Comparison

modafinil vs adderall

In my never ending quest for self improvement I’ve encountered a lot of different strategies for enhancing my performance. So far, the best strategies for me have been exercise, proper dieting and nootropics. Experimenting with different substances that you don’t know much about can be scary. That is what we are here for. Today I […]

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Noopept Review: Legit Nootropic or Waste of Money?

Following the theme of Nootropics, today I want to talk about another one. I’m going to review Noopept. You might have heard of it because it’s currently one of the most common nootropics found on the market. During my early days experimenting this was one of the first nootropics I tried. It has stood the test of time and […]

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