3 Simple Hacks to Get The Testosterone Levels of a Rhinoceros

how to increase testosterone

This is a guest post by Jon Anthony from Masculine Development.

Everybody wants more testosterone, but very few people get it. Most of the advice out there is complete and utter garbage, where marketers will try to sell you some 30 day supply of pills “for only $59.99!” They prey on weak and naive men who don’t understand how testosterone works—well, fortunately for you, you don’t need to buy their junk.

I’ve been involved in the fitness industry for nearly a decade now, and I’ve learned quite a lot along the way. I’ve learned how to shred fat in record time, I’ve learned how to build lean, dense muscle at a staggering rate, and I’ve even learned how to balance going clubbing with working out 5 days a week and making bank.

Boosting testosterone is key to all of this, among many other things, so here’s my favorite weird tricks to boost your T.

1. Take Cold Showers Daily

how to increase testosterone

Cold showers have tons of benefits for men, which is why they’re one of the tried and true methods for boosting testosterone levels. In just a few minutes a day, not only will you attain a better hormonal profile, but you’ll also increase fat loss, improve cardiovascular health, and feel like a fucking champion.

Mike Cernovich, among others, recommend that you follow a contrast shower layout. To do this, simply enter into your shower, and put it on hot for one minute—as hot as you can possibly stand. Then, put it on cold for one minute—as cold as you can possibly stand.

Repeat this for three cycles or more, and you’ll get both the benefits of a hot and cold shower. You’ll not only boost your testosterone levels, but you’ll simultaneously improve your mood, increase dopamine, increase your immune cell count, and more.

2. Throw Out Your Plastic Tupperware

how to increase testosterone

Most men are aware that there’s certain foods that kill testosterone. What most men aren’t aware of, however, is that half the time it isn’t even the food you’re eating—it’s what your food is stored in. Most plastic Tupperware containers have BPA in them, which is a dangerous chemical linked to all sorts of nasty health problems, as well as, you guessed it, low T.

Bisphenol-A, or BPA, has been linked to cancer, diabetes, and even heart disease, so in order to avoid this I recommend you only store your food in glass containers. When I do my meal prepping, I personally store all of my beef, chicken, quinoa, and brown rice in glass containers—this ensures that they don’t get contaminated with BPA.

What’s worse is that even if your plastic containers say they’re BPA free, most of the time they’re only¬†partially BPA free.¬†The FDA has relatively stringent guidelines for what they consider to be “BPA free,” so be sure you opt for all glass containers if you want to protect your testosterone levels.

3. Take A Great Multi-Vitamin

how to increase testosterone

There’s a ton of multi-vitamins out there, but you can’t be bothered with the wrong ones. According to independent, third-party verification, 99% of multivitamins don’t even contain what they say they do! This is especially true of the cheap Costco bulk packages, which are mostly sawdust and other junk.

Instead, opt for a quality multi-vitamin like Animal Pak, Orange Triad, or Life Extension. In my opinion, Animal Pak is probably the best multivitamin for bodybuilding hands down. It’s loaded with 30mg of zinc for testosterone production, selenium, copper, and manganese to aid in zinc absorption, and dozens of other ingredients meant to pack your blood stream to the max with testosterone.

Simply filling in the nutritional gaps in your diet will help you maximize your natural testosterone levels. Most men don’t even make 50% of the testosterone that they could naturally, because their diet is loaded with processed crap, artificial ingredients, and pounds of sugar.


While this list is by no means comprehensive, it’s certainly a quick primer that you can use to boost your testosterone levels in a few minutes. Every day I get asked fitness related questions by men, eager to get jacked—most of the answers always come down to the same thing.

Want to know how to get jacked and put on slabs of lean muscle? Boost your testosterone levels. Want to know how to get six pack abs? Boost your testosterone levels. Want to know how to get that lean, sexy Adonis belt that girls go crazy for? Boost. Your. Testosterone. Levels.

As a man, the vast majority of your success will be correlated with your testosterone levels. High T means more energy, more focus, more drive, more muscle, and less fat, less emotional volatility, and less of being a cuck. So what are you waiting for? Go out and start boosting your testosterone right now.

  • Antonio

    Cold showers have many great benefits but taking them solely to increase testosterone may be a waste of time. I have written about this in great depth on my website


    Besides that great article

  • In the past I take Animal Pak. Man… I was STRONG ! (and peeing green too LOL). To the list to me #3 is to take sun (12:00AM to 14:00PM) and #4 is to hitt (10~15min and them normal walk for 15min).