Red Pill Orgasm: How to Become A Sex God

red pill orgasm review

If you’re looking for a no BS guide to giving women orgasms (and having a better sex life), you need to get Red Pill Orgasm by Mario Favela.

As men, we want to have sex with beautiful women. For some men, simply having sex is enough to please them. But most of you are ambitious in all areas of life including your sex life.

Whether you prefer relationships or getting a bunch of hookups, doesn’t matter for this discussion.

I’m willing to bet that you don’t just want to be average in bed.

Average in anything is not a goal worth pursuing.

The same should apply to how you perform in bed.

Frankly, I don’t even need to convince you that you “should” work on your skills in the bedroom. If you’re honest with yourself, you already know that you want to improve. That’s why you’re reading this post, isn’t it?

Men have a natural instinct to want to excel at everything they do.

Plus, being good in bed is very satisfying for you ego. Come on, admit it…

Naturally you want to give the women in your life a good experience, don’t you? Sure, you’re an enlightened man who doesn’t put women on a pedestal. But still, it would likely hurt your ego if you can’t perform in bed.

It’s natural don’t try to change it.

I’m not a player by anyone’s definition. I would speculate that after sleeping with a lot of women, you care far less about what random hookups think about your performance. That doesn’t change my point though…

Don’t work on changing this natural instinct but if it happens after you get laid a lot, then that’s great.

So I’ve already covered why you want to improve in the bedroom. Next, I’ll show you how I recommend you do it.

Red Pill Orgasm: Dominant, Pleasurable, Sexual

Those are the three words I would use to sum up the advice in this book.

The best part about Red Pill Orgasm is the focus on being a dominant male while pleasuring her.

Dating and sex advice tends to go to either one of these extremes and it simply doesn’t work as well.

Mainstream advice: Put the women’s desires above your own

Manosphere advice: Who cares what she thinks? Just be dominant!

Both groups are too extreme in my opinion. Mario does a great job of showing you how to stay dominant while also giving her orgasms.

Obviously, the mainstream advice is useless.

Mainstream (politically correct) advice is always useless for men who want more out of life.

Don’t complain about mainstream advice being useless. Remember that this is a good thing for you. It makes it far easier to become an elite guy which should be the goal for most of you reading this.

Don’t worry, becoming a top 1% man isn’t as hard as it seems. Most guys don’t even try to others follow bad (politically correct) advice. If you lift weights and make decent money, you aren’t even competing against roughly 80% of the population.

Instead of whining about mainstream advice, find real experts who can give you applicable advice.

If you can’t apply the advice to your life and see improvements…

it’s not good advice.

Red Pill Orgasm will give you tons of suggestions that you can start using to see improvements today.

This is Mario Favela the author of Red Pill Orgasm

This is Mario Favela the author of Red Pill Orgasm

Why I Liked Red Pill Orgasm

I already discussed why you want to be good in bed. Red Pill Orgasm is the best book I’ve read on the subject.

Frankly, my earlier point – about finding balance between being a dominant fool and supplicating pussy – would be enough for me to recommend this book.

I wasn’t expecting that from this guide. I was pleasantly surprised because it matches my own experience perfectly.

But that’s not the only thing I liked about this book…

  • Clear, actionable advice
  • Good graphics and illustrations
  • Information for beginners and experienced guys
  • Etc.

So if you’re looking for an actionable guide that will help any man improve his sex life, check it out here.

What You’ll Find In Red Pill Orgasm

content red pill orgasm

Fixing Men’s Sexual Health Issues

Red Pill Orgasm isn’t terribly long (slightly more than 100 pages). Nonetheless, it contains a lot of great advice on different topics that impact sexual performance. This is another positive from this guide.

Mario talks about how to fix some of the issues you might have before getting into any sex techniques.

That’s rarely the case in other sex books. Usually you are just told to “Be confident!” or “Accept your body!”.

Another example of mainstream advice that has never helped a single person. Despite that fact, it will continue to be repeated by “experts” for years.

Focusing On Foreplay

There’s an entire chapter devoted to foreplay. It’s another topic that is generally missed by online self-improvement sites.

While going after what you want is crucial (to everything in life), skipping foreplay simply doesn’t make sense.

You want to give yourself the best chance of giving a girl an orgasm. Why would you make it harder on yourself?

Certainly not because you want to be an “alpha male”. Seriously, nobody cares about how “alpha” you think you are.

Strive to be successful, not an alpha male (whatever that means).

Sex Positions, Anatomy And A Lot More!

I’ve touched on some of my favourite parts of this book already. The one’s I mentioned stuck out to me. You wouldn’t expect to find similar advice in more mainstream books.

But there is also a lot of solid advice in Red Pill Orgasm that is exactly what you would expect from any decent sex guide.

There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, no guide to sex would be complete without sex positions and the basics of female anatomy.

It’s the combination of the basics and more advanced advice that make this guide so effective.

I’ve yet to see another book that covers both this well.

That’s why I highly recommend every man grabs a copy of Red Pill Orgasm.

What Others Are Saying About Red Pill Orgasm

It literally has everything you need. A fast read combined with clear, simple prose and careful explanations make this a superior product to a great deal of red-pill literature being sold these days. Definitely recommended.

Didact, Didact’s Reach Blog

The book has tons of information, but it’s concise in its presentation. I’ve read a number of books on sex over the years, and I think this is the best book I’ve ever read. It contains tons of information, and it’s rooted in reality, not fantasy. If you’re a man and interested in better sex, I highly recommend you purchase and read this eBook.


A game changer for men looking to improve in the bedroom, on the floor, in the car, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, wherever. Not only does Red Pill Orgasm cover the proper mindset to give your women powerful orgasm, he also covers the proper technique, from beginner to advanced. The book gives actionable advice to readers on every aspect of sexing a woman, starting outside the bedroom all the way to finishing her and you off in it. If you are a beginner to an intermediate level playboy, Red Pill Orgasm is a must read.

MP, Masculine Profiles

Closing Thoughts


I haven’t talked about sex much on this site. I’m hardly an expert and I don’t really like most blogs that talk about picking up girls (exceptions: Strength by Sonny and Good Looking Loser).

But when I thought about it…

Sharing books by experts – who know far more than I do – is exactly what Red Pill Reviews is about.

I’m not trying to become another internet guru.

I just want to share great advice that has helped me improve my life. Obviously, I’ll add my own spin on the topics like I did in this post.

I hope you find my approach to running this site useful.

If you do, please sign up for my newsletter so I can keep you informed about new posts, products and anything valuable I learn. (If you sign up here, I’ll send you a convenient PDF version of my fat loss guide)

That’s all for today.

Until next time,


PS: If you want to give women orgasms, get Red Pill Orgasm now.

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