Afinil Express vs ModaPharma vs DuckDose vs ModUp


If you search hard enough, you can find modafinil stores all over the internet. But does that necessarily mean they are all trustworthy?

Definitely not.

That is why, in this post, I am going to go over the four best modafinil websites to choose from when making your final decision on a modafinil supplier.

All four of these options have their advantages and disadvantages, though they are by far the best choices. Now…the question is…

Which one is the best choice?

And why is it the best choice?

When comparing modafinil suppliers, there are many things you want to consider. Of course, there are several important factors that should go into your decision regardless of any others:

  1. The company should have a selection of products to choose from
  2. Their prices should not be atrocious – affordable, preferably
  3. The customer service should be top-notch and as close to 24/7 as it can get
  4. The website should be easy to navigate, giving you ample information on

When doing research on these four companies, I found that they rank fairly closely in terms of usability. Below you’ll see all four of these distributors listed, as well as information on each one.

Hopefully you’ll find my research as useful as I did when making my own decision – especially after ModafinalCat closed down.

#1 DuckDose

There’s no other way to put it – DuckDose is amazing.

duckdose review

Product Availability via DuckDose

If you ask me, DuckDose excels in every category. When I experimented with their website, I was impressed to learn that they offer both modafinil and armodafinil. Not only this, but they offer these two products through two different manufacturers.

This is definitely a cool touch to the website, though my experience with both manufacturers – Modalert (SunPharma) and Modvigil (HAB Pharma) – has not given me much of a difference between the two at all.

While some users claim they tried both and Modalert was more successful, I haven’t necessarily found a difference between either of them. For me, they worked the same…

Two manufacturers that are both excellent is not a bad thing.

If you’re up for the adventure, I’d say give both a try and see what you can come up with.

The Pricing

In regards to pricing, you’ll be paying anywhere from $1.60 to $0.80 per pill for 200 mg modafinil.

Honestly, you can’t really beat those prices. Especially because the more in-bulk that you order, the cheaper the modafinil will be. Of course, if you’re just starting out, do not buy in large quantities.

You need to pace yourself. Figure out what is best for you. And then, once that has become clear, definitely start buying in bulk. Because really, how can you beat saving 50% on your order by buying in bulk? You can’t beat it! It’s that simple!

Now the thing is, Modvigil is slightly cheaper than Modalert. This might have to do with those users who claim Modalert is a better choice. However, if you find that both are too similar that you can’t break apart the differences, go for Modvigil to save you that extra bit of cash.

Customer Service

There’s not a whole lot to say about their customer service. Why? Because DuckDose’s customer service is speedy and satisfying. They’re quick to solve your problems – if you even have any – and they’re super friendly while doing it.


DuckDose has the best website in the modafinil industry hands-down. Not only is it jam-packed with information, but the design is simple to use and well laid out. It’s easy to navigate, easy to purchase from, and easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

In fact, if you want to learn more about DuckDose, take a browse on their website. I guarantee you’ll find what you need.

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#2 Afinil Express

While DuckDose is first place in my book, Afinil Express does come in at a close second. Though not as good as the former, Afinil Express surmounts all other suppliers easily.

Product Availability via Afinil Express

Much like DuckDose, Afinil Express offers a wide selection of both modafinil and armodafinil options. They’re even similar in the sense that the two famous Indian suppliers – SunPharma and HAB Pharma – are also options on Afinil Express’s website.

Now, the part I am excited to tell you – there’s even one advantage over DuckDose when it comes to product availability.

So, you’re new in the modafinil world. You’re not entirely sure yet what will work best for you. With DuckDose, all of their quantities are way too much for your starting-out. Well, lucky for you, with Afinil Express you can buy in smaller quantities.

I would definitely recommend the 20-pill option for those of you just getting their feet wet.

afinil express review

The Pricing

Here comes the tricky part…

While some order sizes via Afinil Express are cheaper as opposed to our first place supplier, DuckDose still offers the exact same products for slightly more affordable prices.

For example, if you purchase 100 pills of Modvigil via Afinil Express, you’ll save $10 over purchasing them at DuckDose.

On the other hand, purchasing 100 pills of Modalert will cost you $35 less via DuckDose than it would purchasing it via Afinil Express.

In the end, I think it’s clear that DuckDose beats Afinil Express in pricing for most cases.

Customer Service

When dealing with Afinil Express’s customer service, I haven’t come up with a single complaint. They are as speedy and friendly as any other supplier – DuckDose included – and even have an endorsement from ModafinilCat.

ModafinilCat was the epitome of all modafinil suppliers until they had to say goodbye, so an endorsement from them is kind of a big deal.


The website is definitely easy to navigate, and it has a large amount of information on it. One of the cooler features of Afinil Express’s website is that you can see all of the prices on the main page; making comparison a whole lot easier.

Now, although they have that small advantage over DuckDose, I do think their website is slightly outdated. DuckDose does offer a slightly more futuristic website, which is hands-down easier to navigate.

Why does this even matter? Because a website is how you build trust with your customers. Without the endorsement from ModafinilCat, their website would probably get a whole lot less traffic.

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#3 ModUp

This third-place option is good, but it definitely doesn’t hold a candle to DuckDose or Afinil Express.

modup benefits

Product Availability via ModUp

In the beginning – for the longest time – ModUp only offered Modvigil. Recently, they added Modalert to their selection. This was refreshing to see because…

ModUp does not offer armodafinil. Unfortunately, if you’re looking to purchase Waklert or Artvigil, you’ll have to go with a different supplier.

The Pricing

So… ModUp is a British company. This can be quite cumbersome in the sense that all of their prices are displayed in £ as opposed to $.

Right now, ModUp is extremely affordable. On the other hand, if the £ begins to overpower the dollar, the pricing favor will fall back with DuckDose and Afinil Express.

Comparing currency is a tedious task, however if you’re looking to save as much money as possible, it’ll definitely be worth taking out a calculator to do some comparing of your own.

Another advantage of ModUp is that their website allows you to use PayPal. Most suppliers only offer payments via credit cards and bitcoin, so this third option does give ModUp an advantage to their competitors.

Customer Service

To be completely honest, I have not had a chance to try out ModUp’s customer support. Why? Because I haven’t ordered from their website.

If they continue to have unbeatable prices, consider me a future customer.

Want to know why I haven’t ordered from them? Keep reading.


modup reviews

This is the downfall of ordering from ModUp – their website looks extremely old and outdated. Honestly, it looks like a middle school computer class put it together.

Having a website that is well put together is important – especially in this industry – because it builds trust between the supplier and the customer. ModUp does not look trustworthy, and I do feel unease on passing over my credit card information and address to them.

On the other hand, I know from friends who’ve ordered from them that ModUp is 100% legit. 

It just doesn’t look like it.

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#4 ModaPharma

I had to include ModaPharma in this review, because while they’re not as well known as the other three suppliers, ModaPharma has a lot of potential.

In fact, ModaPharma has the potential to become the best modafinil supplier out there. 

modapharma review

Product Availability via ModaPharma

ModaPharma offers a fully-stocked selection of Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert, and Artvigil.

If you’re new to the modafinil world, you’re definitely going to want to try Modalert or Modvigil first, before trying Waklert and Artvigil. If you find that you like using modafinil, then definitely try armodafinil later on.

The Pricing

Welcome to the one disadvantage that ModaPharma still has over the above three suppliers…

Their pricing is quite a bit more than DuckDose, Afinil Express, and ModUp… Although, that could be linked with the fact that they’re just starting out and waiting for their customer base to increase.

Hopefully, in the future, they’ll lower their prices as their company grows. If that does happen, you can bet they’ll rise at a steady place to #1.

They’ve got a great guarantee too. If you don’t receive the product – because it got stuck at the border, for example – you get a full refund or reshipment!

Coupon Code

ModaPharma has reached out to me to offer a special discount code to readers of this website! Just enter “RPR10%” and you’ll get 10% off your order.

Also, they offer a 15% discount for anyone who orders with BitCoins. When you add up those two discounts, you get a nice deal on your modafinil order from ModaPharma.

modapharma guarantee

Customer Service

Another supplier I haven’t ordered from yet, however I have tested out their reply-time. I’ve also done a bit of research on their customer service.

They are extremely speedy in their responses, and all of the reviews given to them say nothing short of satisfaction.

So definitely, this must be a good sign.

modapharma review


In my opinion, the website is so excellent that it beats out DuckDose’s just so.

modapharma shipping tracking

ModaPharma offers scientific reports to back up their claims, and even clarifies that modafinil is not some miracle, world-changing drug. They are very honest about the products that they sell, as well as the information they gather through their research.

I feel that this is another very big reason that ModaPharma will grow in the future.

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Closing Thoughts

So here comes your final debate… which supplier do you choose? Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages over other suppliers, but before making your decision, do some research of your own as well.

In the meantime, if you come to the same conclusions I did, my advice would be to stick with DuckDose. For now. It’s only a matter of time before ModaPharma catches up.

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  • Adam Taylor


    Thank you for this review.

    We’ve since changed our website and we would appreciate it if you could change your images to reflect this? 🙂

    Also, we would like to point out that we have all of our products tested and you can see this on this page: https://modapharma.com/analysis/

    Please let me know what you think, and we may do a massive price reduction sale for a month based on your recommendation to see if we can go top of your list 🙂

    Don’t forget our 15% Bitcoin discount 🙂

    All the best,
    Adam Taylor
    MP Sales & Marketing

    • James

      Hi Adam,

      I’ve changed the images for you. Nice work on the website re-design by the way!

      I’ve sent you an email. Would be amazing if we could get a discount for RPR readers…

    • Jamie McGleave

      Hi Adam,

      Why has your customer support team still not responded to any of my emails, Facebook messages or Reddit topic, regarding order #16425 that ModaPharma cancelled and have still yet to refund, even though that goes against the terms and conditions listed on your website?

      I will never shop through MP again and will be sure to let others know why. No communication, even an acknowledgment or auto reply to my emails and messages, tells me your organisation is a joke and a scam.

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