Greek God Program PDF – How to Gain Muscle While Staying Lean

The Greek God Program is a great guide to gaining muscle while staying lean. This PDF was created by Greg from who has helped thousands of men achieve the body of their dreams.

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I used the Greek God Program the last time I went on a “bulk” and plan on doing so again in a few months time. (I’m currently cutting using the Warrior Shredding Program.)

I call this program a “bulking program” but don’t confuse this with the type of bulk where you eat everything in sight. You’ll gain a lot of weight and some muscle by doing that but you are kidding yourself, if you think that is mostly muscle.

No, you are gaining fat.

The sad thing about most of the muscle building advice you find on the internet is that if you follow it, you’ll end up looking worse after 6 months.

You’ll gain some muscle but until you lose all the fat you’ve gained, nobody can even tell. What’s the point of killing yourself in the gym 5 days a week if you end up looking worse?

That makes no sense at all obviously.

The Greek God program takes a completely different approach. The result? You won’t get fat while chasing muscle gains which means you’ll start looking better almost instantly.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a quick-fix to all your physique and health problems. The Greek God Program is just a blueprint to success. It will require consistent effort on your part.

But if you put in the effort, you’ll reap your rewards soon enough.

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Greg is in fantastic shape as you can see.

Greg is in fantastic shape as you can see.

What Makes The Greek God Program Unique?

This is simple: You’ll gain just as much muscle without the fat gain.

It’s true, you need to eat in a calorie surplus to gain muscle. But the size of that surplus is usually exaggerated by so-called experts and keyboard warriors on forums.

By eating in a small surplus you can keep fat gains to an absolute minimum while still getting most of the anabolic effect.

Think about it, your body can’t produce unlimited amounts of muscle in a short time. Your body can’t utilize 500+ surplus calories (over maintenance) for gaining muscle every day. So all those extra calories you’re eating will have to be stored as fat.

You might think that’s not too bad because you can lose fat after your bulk. But this thinking is flawed because of two simple reasons:

  1. You’ll lose muscle while cutting
  2. Why would you want to look fat for half of the year?

Sure, if you don’t mind looking fat for 6+ months every year, keep going on long bulks. Just remember that you’re not actually getting any benefit from your huge calorie surplus and you could gain just as much muscle without the fat gains.


By following an intelligent muscle building program like the Greek God Program by Greg O’ Gallagher.

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What You’ll Find In The Greek God Program PDF

Training Plan

You’ll get a solid training plan that has you in the gym three times per week. This is another area that you’ve been misled by bodybuilders. You don’t need to go to the gym 6 days a week to make maximal muscle gains. That’s fine if working out is your whole life but hopefully you have some other goals too.

Nutrition Advice For Staying Lean While Gaining Muscle

The nutrition advice is based on Greg’s experience and has worked for many of his clients too. If you want to gain size in all of the crucial areas (arms, shoulders, chest) without getting fat, this guide is for you.

Private Kinobody Facebook Group

You’ll also get access to a private Facebook group where you can share your progress with other Kinobody followers. It’s an incredibly supportive group of people who can be useful especially when starting a new routine. It’s also a great place to ask questions about the program if you have any but you probably won’t because…

 Free Bonus: FAQ E-Book

There is a FAQ bonus section that covers most of the questions that could be going through your head.

greek god program review

Build Muscle Without Spending Money On Supplements

Some supplements work but the majority are a complete waste of money. I don’t want to go into too much detail in this post but the supplement industry has plenty of flaws.

Greg is one of the few prominent fitness coaches that doesn’t recommend ridiculous amounts of supplements. I love his honest approach to building a great body.

He shows you exactly what you need to do and avoids talking about minor details that make (at most) a 5% difference.

That’s one of the reasons why his programs have worked for so many people.

By the way, it will work for you too because we are all relatively similar when it comes to gaining muscle and losing fat. Some of us may start with more muscle or less fat but the process of improving our bodies is the same for everyone.

Everyone you see walking down the street with broad shoulders and bulging biceps had to train hard to achieve their body. If you follow a smart program and stay consistent you will soon be the one who people enviously glance at.

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Greek God Program – For The Perfect Body

I keep talking about how traditional bulking doesn’t work. I suppose that isn’t quite accurate because it does “work”. Unfortunately, the effects just aren’t what you were hoping for.

Instead of losing fat and adding size in the right places, you just add mass (fat + muscle) everywhere. This is not an efficient way to build a great body.

It’s like using a rocket launcher to hit a small target, you might hit it but that doesn’t make it a good idea. You should opt for the more reliable “sniper” alternative instead. In this case that would be the Greek God Program.

It focuses on the key elements of achieving your dream body and is therefore the fastest way to reach your goals.

Also, you probably want to look good at the beach. How do you do that?

Looking good without a shirt on is simple. All you need is low body fat and some muscle.

But when you go online for advice, the suggestions won’t help you look good naked.

“Just eat a lot of food and lift heavy weights, bro!”

That’s horrible advice because you will end up fat. Gaining large amounts of fat isn’t helping you get the ideal body.

Instead you should focus on gaining some muscle while maintaining low body fat. That’s how you achieve the “Hollywood Physique”.

Greg and Brad Pitt

Greg and Brad Pitt

Do you think Brad Pitt goes on a “bulk” during the winter months?

No, of course not! He has to look good all year because he has movies to make which require him to maintain low body fat.

I know you probably don’t make many movies but surely you’d like to look and feel great every day too.

I certainly do which is why I love the Greek God Program.

Closing Thoughts On The Greek God Program

There is no “best program” for building muscle. While we all respond to training and dieting fairly similarly, there are still some genetic differences between us.

The Greek God Program is proven to work and has got great results for guys just like you.

I recommend you choose this program if you…

  • Enjoy training for strength
  • Don’t want to get fat while bulking
  • Struggle to gain muscle without fat
  • Don’t have a lot of time to spend at the gym

If any of those points describe your situation, I highly recommend checking out the Greek God Program.

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That’s all for today.

Until next time,


PS: If you’re serious about your training goals, stop wasting your time and order this program.