Hostgator Plans compared: Hatchling vs Baby vs Business

hostgator review

HostGator is the company I use to host all my sites. I have already discussed why I use them here.

In short, there didn’t seem to be much difference between the big hosting companies like BlueHost, DreamHost, etc.

So I decided to go with HostGator.

I am very pleased with my decision so far.

I certainly don’t see any reason to switch, so I’ll probably be staying with HostGator for a long time.

The great thing about my current package is that I can host as many sites as I want without paying extra.

That’s pretty cool in my opinion.

When I started my first site I wasn’t planning on creating this blog.

But I decided to not go for the cheapest HostGator plan so that I have the option of hosting multiple sites.

That is a decision that has clearly payed off!

If I hadn’t made that decision this site probably wouldn’t even exist.

Sure, I could have bought a second hosting package but realistically I likely wouldn’t have.

So I think it’s only fitting that I discuss the various hosting packages that HostGator offers.

Some of the terms can be confusing if you’re just getting started online. So I’ll try to simplify as much as possible.

Honestly, most of the features HostGator offers aren’t necessary for the majority of people.

So it’s really just a small number of things you need to pay attention to when choosing the best hosting package for you.

So let’s get started…

What are your options?

hostgator plans comparison

As you can see you have three options for hosting your blog.

The prices vary and obviously so do the features.

The Hatchling Plan

The Hatchling Plan is the cheapest but it only allows you to host one site.

This might not seem like a concern for you at first (it didn’t for me) but I hgihly recommend you at least give yourself the option of adding additional sites.

*According to their website you can upgrade to a more expensive plan at any time.

Obiously you need to pay the price difference but this would be a viable option if you currently use the Hatchling Plan and want to start a second site.

I wasn’t aware that this was possible so I went with the Baby Plan instead.

I don’t have any experience upgrading plans so I can’t tell you if it’s a hassle or no problem at all.

Use at your own risk!*

The Baby Plan

The Baby Plan is a little bit more expensive but you get to host as many sites as you want. So as soon as you start your 2nd site this is a better option than the Hatchling Plan.

This is the package I use and it has saved me money.

I only bought it to give me the freedom to add sites later.

At the time I wasn’t planning to start multiple blogs.

So even if you curently think you only want one site, I suggest you at least consider the Baby Plan.

It only costs an extra $2 per month so if you don’t ever start a second site it isn’t the end of the world.

The Business Plan

This plan offers you a Toll-Free Number, private SSL certificate and a private IP.

As the name suggests, I imagine this plan would be quite useful for some businesses.

For a blog or other private website I don’t see any reason to pay the higher price.

However if you want to create an online store that accepts credit card payments this is the best hosting plan for you.

If you want to accept credit cards yourself you have to have a SSL certificate. This encripts sensitive material (like your customers credit card details).

All plans include a SSL certificate but only the Business Plan offers private SSL. On the other plans you will have to share your SSL certificate with other site owners.

By using a private SSL certificate you make it safer for your customers to order on your site.

This will likely increase your sales too because they know it’s safe.

However, like I said before the Baby Plan is usually enough if you are starting a blog.

You can still sell products through PayPal, Clickbank, e-Junkie, etc.

The only difference is you can’t accept credit card payments yourself safely.

I don’t know of any blogs that do this anyway.

Closing thoughts

There is a huge list comparing the features of these plans on the HostGator site. But most of the stuff isn’t relevant at all or it’s included in all three packages.

The main aspects to consider are:

  • How many sites do you want to host?
  • Do you want to accept credit card payments on your site without using an external service? (PayPal)

Once you answer those questions for yourself, choosing the right hosting package becomes easy.

PS: You can find all three plans along with a full list of features on the HostGator website.