Harem Handbook Review: How to Build A Harem of Girls

harem handbook review

Would you like to have multiple girls that you can sleep with at any time?

Are you fed up with either having a girlfriend or spending your nights at bars and clubs?

If you answered “Yes” to either one of those questions, The Harem Handbook by Kyle Trouble is perfect for you.

Disclaimer: Kyle is a friend of mine. He gave me access to The Harem Handbook for free before it launched (June 6th). Would I have bought it otherwise? Probably not…but building a harem isn’t a priority for me at the moment.

If my younger brother, best friend or my (future) son had trouble with girls, I would buy them a copy of the Harem Handbook.

That’s how much I believe in this product.

What Makes The Harem Handbook Special

This course is unlike anything else I’ve seen. Kyle has built his course to make it easily understandable instead of creating more confusion for guys.

Confusion is one of the main reasons I think most dating advice sucks.

Instead of going on dates and having a good time, guys are thinking about what some “Dating guru” said about situation XYZ.

99% of PUA students would do better if they just went out and tried to get laid.

Forget the routines, forget silly lines and just talk to girls as if they are human beings (Hint: They are!).

Before we go any further, I want to get this crucial point out-of-the-way…

You can’t become good with girls without talking to them.

If you’re scared, anxious or worried about that, you’ll have to work on that.

But realise that you can get past those issued.

Yes, it will take work.

There are no magic pills that will make you instantly smooth, calm and confident.

But once you get some experience with girls, you’ll naturally get past your issues.

Inside the Harem Handbook

Welcome to the Harem Handbook!

The Problems With Reading Online Dating Advice

I’ve never bought a PUA Guide or any other course on getting girls.

I’m not saying they are all scams…

But at the same time, I never saw much value in them.

Information Overload —> Procrastination

There are countless blogs that write about dating, pickup and seduction.

In my opinion, most guys have access to too much information and not too little.

Information overload is very real and can lead to procrastination.

Obviously, that’s not what you want from a course on dating.

Entertainment vs Actionable Advice

Reading about picking up girls is entertaining.

Bloggers know this.

That’s why their blogs are mostly pure entertainment with very little actionable advice.

That’s fine if you are just looking for a new way to waste your time. But for ambitious guys, it’s a trap that you need to avoid.

Kyle Trouble

The Harem Handbook Is For Action Takers

As you can see, I’m not a fan of dating advice. The industry has a habit of creating new problems instead of helping guys fix their issues.

But as always, there are exceptions.

The Harem Handbook is one of them. It avoids the problems I mentioned above which puts it ahead of 99% of its competition.

I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to add a steady supply of women to his life.

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Everything You Need to Know About The Harem Handbook

The Harem Handbook is divided into 6 modules. Each module has a couple of separate units.

Harem Handbook dashboard

This is what the course looks like from the inside.

Benefits of Articles, Videos And Podcasts

Kyle has written detailed content for every module. He also went a step further by creating audio and video versions of the modules.

Generally, I prefer reading because it’s quicker and easier to retain information.

However, I’ve listened to most of The Harem Handbook.


  1. Efficiency: You can listen to a podcast while travelling or doing cardio.
  2. More In-Depth: There is usually more information (stories, examples, etc.) included in audio and video files.
  3. Personality/Tonality: You can get a feel for Kyle’s personality. Watch videos of him or listen to his voice and any doubts about him will disappear. If you’ve got decent social skills, you can tell he’s a cool guy who knows how the game is played.

5 Lessons From The Harem Handbook That Help You Get (And Retain) Girls

3 Tiers of Girls

You won’t treat all girls that you consistently sleep with the same.

Some girls are worth investing time into. Others you’ll only want to fuck and move on with your day.

Only an idiot would treat both groups of girls the same.

Luckily for you, Kyle is a smart guy.

The Harem Handbook splits girls into three tiers (leads, or girls in your pipeline would be a fourth).

He also gives you advice how to manage girls in each category.

“How often should you see a fuckbuddy?”

“How long should you date a girl before making her your girlfriend?”

These questions (along with just about every question you could have about building a harem) are answered in the Harem Handbook.

Have Multiple Streams of New Girls

Kyle suggests having multiple ways you get new girls.

Don’t become too reliant on any one method.

Basically, your options are:

  1. Day Game
  2. Night Game
  3. Online Dating

Ideally, you will use all three regularly.

However, there will almost certainly be methods you prefer.

That’s fine.

Not everyone wants to spend large amounts of time at bars and clubs. Drinking regularly will leave a mark on your health. It’s also consumes more time than you might think.

I know how you feel…

Spending 2 days per week hung over isn’t ideal if you’re working on your online business, career or have hobbies that you are passionate about.

But if you’re not going to do any night game, make sure you do both day game and message girls online.

Play to your strengths.

You likely already know what they are. If you don’t, you will after going through the Harem Handbook course.

Harem Handbook course

How to Fit Girls Into A Balanced Life

I already touched on this in the previous section.

Girls are fun.

If you don’t have any women in your life, you’ll struggle to be truly happy.

Especially, if you’ve never had success with them.

No matter how successful you become in other areas of your life, you’ll always feel like there is something missing.

It’s a natural reaction to not having much experience with women.

Don’t beat yourself up about.

Instead, do something about it.

If you take action, you will see results.

The truth is, most of you guys have the potential to have an active sex life.

You’ll have to go through some uncomfortable moments to get there though.

Just keep your head down and keep grinding away until you reach your goal.

And when you do, you’ll find that girls are no longer the focus of your life.

You’ll have your own goals, passions and dreams. You’ll still enjoy spending time with (the right) women but ultimately, your focus will shift to other areas.

At that point, you’ll have to be efficient about your dating.

That’s exactly what the Harem Handbook teaches you.

How to regularly fuck different women without spending more than a couple of hours per week chasing them.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Click here to learn how to run a Harem.Harem Handbook bonuses

2 Step-By-Step Date Models For Adding Girls to Your Harem

Whether you like it or not…

To build a harem of loyal girls, you will have to go on some dates.

Kyle lays out his time-tested date models in this course.

I have to tell you…

I’ve never seen anything like this.

He breaks down exactly what you should do on your dates. You can tell by the amount of details he includes that he isn’t pulling these models out of his ass.


He has obviously used these exact steps and seen them work consistently with girls he dates.

I think Kyle is a bit of a numbers guy. I’m just guessing here, but I’m pretty sure he has split test multiple types of dates against each other.

He even gives you a realistic close rate to shoot for.

You should be sleeping with about 50% of girls you go on dates with.

Not necessarily on the first date mind you.

I love that he gives us a rough idea of how many girls we’ll go on dates with before getting laid.

If your close rate is far lower than 50%, you need to find out why.

Without knowing you, I can’t really give you any suggestions.

But if you’ve gone through this course, you’ll likely know what you need to improve yourself.

(Hint: Picking the wrong date location is a common mistake. It should have a somewhat sexual atmosphere and be close to your place.)

Screening Girls to Find Your Future Girlfriend

This is the final point I want to make in this (lengthy) review of the Harem Handbook.

I kept this for last because I want you to remember this.

Most “pickup advice” gets this part completely wrong or simply ignores it.

I’m sure some of you plan to never settle down and get married.

That’s fine. Do whatever makes you happy.

But the reality is, having a committed relationship with a quality girl is a worthwhile experience.

You’re not less of a man if you get a girlfriend.

But the assumption is that you choose the right girl.

Being in a toxic relationship with a girl who doesn’t support your goals, is absolutely disastrous.

You will feel stressed.

You’ll be frustrated with her.

And you won’t progress as fast in life. This then adds to your frustration and you start to blame her for your lack of success.

Don’t do that.

You might be right that she’s a horrible girlfriend. But it’s ultimately your fault…

You picked her.

You decided to stay in a relationship with her.

But don’t worry…

This is a problem that can be avoided by screening girls before entering into a committed relationship.

Before becoming monogamous, you should be seeing her for around six months.

If you do this one simple thing, you will be happier and more successful in the long run.

I promise.

Harem Handbook Review

Closing Thoughts on the Harem Handbook by Kyle Trouble

That’s all I can say about this course right now.

Kyle, congratulations on creating such a valuable course. And thank you for putting all your effort into this.

The Harem Handbook is truly something special.

I don’t say that lightly because my reputation is on the line every time I recommend a product.

If I recommend something and you don’t like it, I lose your trust.

But in this case, I know that won’t happen.

I’ve hyped this course up a lot at this point. Normally, I’d be worried that your expectations are too high and you’ll be disappointed.

But honestly, this review doesn’t even do the Harem Handbook justice.

It’s even better than you expect.

Click here to buy the Harem Handbook.

That’s all for today’s post.

Until next time,


P.S. It’s not cheap but the Harem Handbook is a must-have if you want to build a harem from scratch.

Harem Handbook

Instead of wasting years of your life trying to get girls (and failing), make an investment into your future dating life.