Gorilla Mindset Review: How to Take Control of Your Thoughts

Ryan from the Good Looking Loser Forum contacted me recently asking if he could write a guest post. I’m happy to give anyone a chance to publish a review on Red Pill Reviews especially about a great book like Gorilla Mindset.

I read Gorilla Mindset in the summer and loved it.

Whether you’re goal is to get laid, lose fat or increase your net worth, I highly recommend this book.

Let’s see what Ryan has to say about it…

I picked up Gorilla Mindset the other week, by Mike Cernovich of Danger and Play. I’m not typically a self-help consumer but the book is pretty basic and all of the advice is direct and actionable. According to Amazon the paperback is 9 x 6 inches but I imagine it should look like a little personal bible and act as something to refer to whenever you need it.

The book itself is structured in progressive chapters, each a facet of mindset. The exercises therein leave you feeling present and centered, I enjoyed them a lot.
Here are some notes I took while I read, if you decide to pick up a copy/reread you can read them along side, margins style.

One who is in a growth mindset has the expectation of more (abundance) while one who is in a set mindset has no expectation of growth (scarcity).

Mike mentions the excitement and curiosity of childhood. At some point our knowledge of the world acts against us and we get under the false impression that we’ve basically seen it all; old joys become monotonous and aspirations become unrealistic.
Syding's Graph
This is a graph made by retired hedge fund manager Mikael Syding representing perceived knowledge vs actual knowledge. Most people exist in a state of high perceived knowledge; they have a Set Mindset and are surrounded by limiting beliefs, both of themselves and the world around them. While Syding ran a hedge fund and was forced to test his beliefs, most people keep their current beliefs wrapped safely in the comfort of familiarity. The resulting mediocrity is due to people’s unwillingness to see the world with new eyes.

CHAPTER 1 – Self-Talk

Mike tells us to treat ourselves like a treasured and trusted friend – self compassion is the root of willpower.
We experience internal communication constantly throughout our day. When that unconscious self talk becomes negative, consciously change the conversation. Instead of adopting a set mindset where your current situation is fixed, realize that the beginning is not the end, and adopt a growth mindset – turn accusations into solutions – then turn those solutions into frame-affirming mantras.
When you structure your mantras ‘I am going to _______ ,because ________’ focus on what you write after because. That’s your gold; your rock. Hold on to it, find your balance and let it take you where you need to go.

CHAPTER 2 – Frame

Mindset shapes the frame that thought flows into and communication comes out of. A Gorilla Mindset has a frame that focuses on the solution in problems and the positive in outcomes

CHAPTER 3 – Mindfulness

Mindfulness is when your mind is full of the present – of being. When you exist only in the present. When we exist in the moment, quality increases in everything we do. Our Mantras are a good way to check us into the present and keep us trying our best.

CHAPTER 4 – State

If Frame is what perceptions flow into and communication comes out of, then state would be the space between those two frames. State is what we live in every moment and it’s a choice whether it’s pleasurable or not.

CHAPTER 5 – Focus

What we focus on leads to what actions we take. We can change Frame and focus on what needs to get done.

CHAPTER 6 – Lifestyle

Mindset and lifestyle have a symbiotic relationship; Mindset creates lifestyle and lifestyle cultivates mindset. Lifestyle is the physical manifestation of the mental and can also be used to reverse engineer our minds, so that the mental conforms to the physical. By placing ourselves in positive situations, in productive activities and around good people we can allow a Gorilla Mindset to flourish.

CHAPTER 7 – Diet

The Body-Mind relationship is important and something to cultivate awareness in. “If It’s Good For Your Gut, It’s Good For Your Health” – Try calming your mind and feeling pleasure in your body. If you do it right, chances are you feel it in your gut. As we learned, this is where a majority of your serotonin and half of your dopamine is located. Charge this feeling throughout your day, feel it as you say your Mantra.
Mike and Jay go over some of the dieting advice in this chapter, and more in their podcast.

CHAPTER 8 – Posture

Posture creates both a social and biological feedback loop. The decrease cortisol created from dominant posture can be due to decreased status anxiety and an increased sense of security and entitlement. Without the status anxiety and with a sense of entitlement, we’re left more to focus on our goals and our own sense of enjoyment.
We primarily exist from our heads – I noticed that, in any pose, giving attention to the control of the head (not even necessarily moving it) will produce a sense of greater control and mindfulness.

CHAPTER 10 – Visualization

Visualization, like posture exercises, trigger a biological feedback loop in the body; preparing itself for the given task. Like we have mirror neurons that mimic the people we watch, visualization fires these same neurons and our body literally goes through a test run of what we visualize – a warmup for achieving our goals.


In closing, this is a solid book. Anyone considering a change in their lives should give it a read.

Closing Thoughts (James)

Gorilla Mindset is a must-read for any man who is working towards his goals. The techniques discussed are incredibly effective if you actually do them.

Mike likes to stir-up some controversy on his blog. That’s his choice (great marketing) but many of his readers would prefer if he focused solely on self-improvement.

That’s exactly what Gorilla Mindset does.

No controversy but a lot of great advice and some applicable techniques that will help you control your thoughts (and therefore your emotions).

That’s all for today’s post. I’d like to thank Ryan for writing about Gorilla Mindset. Hopefully, you’ll see more of his content in the future!

Have a great day,


PS: You can grab a copy of Gorilla Mindset here.

PPS: Don’t forget to take notes while reading and make sure you actually do the exercises!