7 Best Books For Men: How to Become a Badass

best books for men

This site is growing rapidly. Hopefully, you’re also progressing towards your own goals.

If not, it’s time to get started.

I realise it isn’t always that easy. You want to get started but you have no idea where to start.

Don’t worry. I’m going to give you a list of books and courses that will ensure you get started on the right foot.

Blogs are fine but they don’t come close to books when it comes to actually learning a skill. The amount of knowledge you can pick up by reading books is incredible. Of course, that’s only true if you read the right books.

I’ve read a few truly fantastic books. And I’ve also read some mediocre books (or worse).

You don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. Start by reading the books I recommend. Later, if you want more information, go pick your own books.

But if you want to…

  • Make More Money
  • Lose Fat + Gain Muscle
  • Improve your dating life

I’ve got the perfect books to help you reach your goal.

I’ve divided this post up into a couple of sections. Obviously, there is a large amount of overlap.

The first 4 recommendations are directly related to making more money.

Then, I included a books that will help you on your life journey in tons of different ways.

Finally, I list my top recommendations for how to improve your sex life. This is a very broad section because I include the topics fitness and style.

You can’t view these skills as completely separate from each other. While you’ll only work on 1-2 at a time, in the long-run you’ll want to improve all aspects of your life.

Books Are Great BUT…

Books won’t do the work for you.

You still need to go to the gym.

You still need to put in the time to make money online.

And you still need to approach women.

But with the help of these resources, you’ll shorten your learning curve drastically.

Reaching your goal faster and with fewer headaches is surely worth the small investment in a course or book.

If you don’t believe that, you are not serious about reaching your goals. That’s fine. However, you would be reading the wrong site.

Decide right now whether you are willing to invest in your future.

Honestly, I wouldn’t bother reading this list unless you are.

How to Become Rich

how to get rich

Most people will never become rich. If you want to be rich some day, follow the advice in these two books:

There are certain things you can do to increase your chance of becoming rich. They don’t guarantee success. But increasing your odds is a good way to start.

The easiest example is working a job vs starting a business.

The latter gives you far higher chances of becoming rich. It doesn’t guarantee anything. In fact, it makes your income completely unstable. You get paid in proportion to the value you generate. Your income ceiling is much higher. But you don’t get the same level of comfort a traditional job offers.

Your life is filled with many choices like this. Your future depends on the roads you choose to take.

The closest thing to a “get rich blueprint” I’ve ever come across are the two books I recommended above.

They clarified a lot of things for me when I first read them. Since then, I’ve gone back and re-read both.

This had two benefits:

  1. Better understanding of the concepts
  2. Tons of new ideas for business and side hustles

Whether I will ever become truly rich remains to be seen. Either way, I’ve benefitted a ton from both of these books.

I consider them mandatory reading for anyone who has some interest in making more money.

millionaire fastlane review

Best Copywriting Books For Blogging and Building Niche Sites

I’ve written about the best books on copywriting before.

Today, I’m going to offer a very condensed list. I’ve cut it down to the 2 books you should read first.

They will give you a great foundational understanding of copywriting.

I recommend you read Ca$hvertising first. Then, start building 1-2 niche sites to get some experience. Don’t worry, it’s incredibly simple.

You might not make any money from your first site. I certainly didn’t…

But you’ll gain valuable experience that will help you make the next site a success.

After reading Ca$hvertsing and building a site, pickup a copy of Triggers by Joe Sugarman.

It’s an interesting book and mandatory reading for anyone who wants to make money writing anything online.

triggers review

Control Your Thoughts = Control Your Life

You need to learn to take control over your thoughts and emotions.

Whether you like it or not, humans are driven primarily by emotions.

Rather than getting upset (=emotional) about this fact, learn how to control your mind.

By studying persuasion, sales and marketing, you’ll learn how to influence other people.

That’s important for your success in life.

However, making sure you don’t get influenced by bad ideas is just as important.

Do not underestimate the power of emotional, knee-jerk reactions. They will ruin your life if you aren’t careful.

Gorilla Mindset will teach you how to take control of your mind.

As always, it takes practice.

But if you follow the steps and advice laid out in this book, you’ll be on the right path.

How to Get Girls

You want to get a hot girlfriend but you don’t know how?

In an effort to simplify a complex topic, I’ll divide this into three steps:

  1. Be Attractive (Money, Style, Fitness)
  2. Talk to Women (Approach Anxiety, logistics, etc.)
  3. Don’t Fuck Up

I know…

That’s definitely an overly simplistic view on the topic. It will do for now though.

The resources I recommend below go into a lot of detail on their specific topic.

How to Become Attractive to Women

There are some things you have very little control over.

However, your appearance is not one of them.

Sure, there are some things you can’t change. But you’ve got control over many of the variables that make you attractive or a slob.

Not everyone has the potential to look like a model (I certainly don’t). But everyone (that includes YOU) can make some changes to improve their current appearance.

The best places to start are:

  • Fitness
  • Style

Best Fitness Book/Course

I have found the Kinobody programs to be incredibly effective for me.

They just make dieting a lot simpler and easier.

There are some differences between his programs that can be a little confusing.

For most people, I’m going to recommend either the…

Remember, You’re not trying to impress other guys at the gym.

Greg’s routines are actually laid out in a way that helps you look good to women.

That’s one of the many reasons I highly recommend them.

Plus, he understands the importance of becoming (or staying) reasonably lean. You simply look a lot better when you’re near 10% body fat.

Greg O'Gallagher physique

People think you can’t control your face’s appearance. Either you were born with a genetic gift, or you’re out of luck.

Well, that’s only partly true.

By losing body fat, you can improve your jaw line a ton.

Not to mention, your physique will appeal to women far more when you’re lean.

Nobody wants to date a fat slob.

Have some self-respect and take care of yourself.

Attract Girls By Upgrading Your Style

Knowing how to dress is important for your success with girls.

Lifting weights and improving your diet is a long-term strategy for improving your looks.

Losing a substantial amount of fat takes a couple of months at least (even on the best programs with the best supplements).

On the other hand, you can drastically improve your style in just a few hours.

Just go to the mall and pick up a new wardrobe. If only it were that easy…

The truth is, you need to learn how to dress first.

Nerdy To Sexy will teach you the basics which I believe is all you need.

nerdy to sexy review

Once you’re armed with the basics to dressing sexy, start trying on different items, sizes and colors.

Over time, you’ll develop a good sense for which clothes work for you.

Attractive men don’t just buy whatever they find first. They know what looks good on them because they understand style.

That’s the end goal for you. Nerdy to Sexy is the best book to get you started on the path to being a stylish man.

How to Keep Girls Coming Back For More

So far, we’ve covered how to be an attractive man. But that’s only one part of the equation.

You can’t overlook the basics of game and still expect to get good with girls.

Assuming you’ve worked on your style and physique, you’ll be in a good position to start chasing girls.

If you put yourself out there and talk to them, you’ll do alright. In order to go from “alright” results to fantastic results, you need a solid game plan.

Unfortunately, I haven’t come across any product that helps you get one night stands.

If you want to build long-term relationships (committed or un-committed), I’ve got the perfect course for you.

The Harem Handbook ties everything you’ve been working on together. Using the foundation you’ve built, you can now get girls into your life.

Now you just need to avoid the major mistakes guys face. These mistakes are the reason husbands get walked all over by their bossy wives.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Pick up a copy of the Harem Handbook instead.

Calling this a “book” is an understatement. I’ve included it in this list because I truly believe in this course.

It fills in the gap that many guys still have after working on their appearance and social skills.

Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to your long-term success and happiness.

harem handbook review

Closing Thoughts on the Best Books For Men

This has turned into yet another long post.

I’ll update it from time to time as I discover new products.

Investing in information is the best way to shorten your learning curve.

Sure, you could improve in all aspects of life without paying for any of these products.

But ask yourself, is it worth it?

You’ll waste a ton of time by making the same mistakes as men who tried before you.

I’m all for saving money…but that’s just stupid, penny-pinching behaviour.

If money is tight for you, you need to get that handled ASAP.

There are tons of ways to make money online. The only thing stopping you is your own laziness.

In the past, you could claim that you “don’t know where to start”. Well, I just showed you exactly where you need to start.

Regardless of your goal, there is a book that will help you reach it faster.

I hope you find these books just as valuable as I did.

One last note: Don’t forget to take action and apply the advice in these books.

That’s all for today.

Until next time,


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  • Alexander Writer

    James, I’m glad you put this list together. I literally just posted a review to what I consider the copywriting bible. You can check it out here: http://inertiawillhurtya.com/advertising-secrets-of-the-written-word-the-copywriting-bible-that-literally-made-me-money/

    Triggers is a fantastic book. I talk about it in the article. I often talk about The Millionaire Fastlane as well. It’s definitely a classic and a MUST READ!

    Glad to hear that your site is growing rapidly.


    • James

      Hi Alex,
      Thanks for stopping by and giving a book recommendation.
      Don’t think I’ve read that one yet…
      Will definitely grab it next time I’m shopping for books.