Armodafinil vs Modafinil Review

armodafinil vs modafinil

If you browse this corner of the internet in any capacity you might have heard all the buzz about Modafinil by now. Modafinil is touted as the next great smart drug by gurus all over the internet.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, you need to learn about it! Check out our Beginners Guide to Modafinil to learn more about this wonderful drug.

Don’t get me wrong, Modafinil is great and all but today I want to compare it to a similar drug called Armodafinil.

What is Armodafinil?

Modafinil was approved for use in the United States by the FDA in 1998. Armodafinil was approved as recently as 2007 which is a short time for a drug of this type.

Armodafinil is similar to Modafinil as they are both Nootropics and have similar names. Diving deeper, there are a couple of unique differences in the chemistry between the two.

How Are They Different?

On a chemical level both drugs metabolize into the chemical substance Modafinil. The difference between the two is in two enantiomers.

From my chemistry days I remember an enantiomer means that a pair of two molecules are mirror images of each other.

armodafinil or modafinil

This might seem irrelevant in the grand scheme of things but the difference is important. Big enough, that usually enantiomers have different effects when absorbed in the body.

Modafinil is sold as Provigil, Modvigil or Modalert 200 and contains both enantiomers. These two enantiomers are referred to as S-Modafinil and R-Modainil.

A single pill of Modalert or Modvigil is about a 50-50 split between the S and R version of Modafinil.

Armodafinil is sold as Nuvigil, Artvigil 150 or Waklert 150 and only contains the R enantiomer.

Since it only contains one of the two enantiomers, it is purer than modafinil.

Are the Effects Different?

I have done a lot of research on the two and have tried both. I can say with certainty that there is a significant difference between the two.

Modafinil peaks a few hours after ingestion and then slowly tapers off from there. It has a half-life of 15 hours.

Half-life is a scientific term to describe how much of substance is in your blood after taking it. A half-life of 15 hours means half of that amount you took remains after 15 hours.

Armodafinil has a shorter half-life at around 13 hours but is stronger and lasts longer. It also has a steadier peak and reach a strong peak like Modafinil. This results in a longer, smoother period of effects.

Why are they Different?

This effect is due to the difference in Enantiomers I talked about earlier.

The S-Modafinil found in Modalert or Modvigil causes a bi-phasic decline in effects. The S-Modafinil causes that intense peak at first, but wears off much sooner. After this just the R-Modafinil remains in the bloodstream.

Taking Armodafinil will give a smoother range of effects. This is due to just having the R-Modafinil enantiomer.


What are the Pros and Cons?

While both are powerful substances there are some pros and cons to both. Many people prefer the intense peak of Modalert or Modvigil. While others like the sustained, smoother effects of Armodafinil.

One of the pros to Armodafinil is that it is stronger than Modafinil. There are people who don’t respond well to Modafinil. For whatever reason a full dose doesn’t do it for them. These people sometimes find the success they were looking for with Armodafinil.

On the other hand, this increased strength can act as a double-edged sword. It may be beneficial to some, but it can negatively impact others since it is stronger.

People that have taken both sometimes noticed problems sleeping on Armodafinil compared to Modafinil. I have not noticed this when using it, but it is possible. This is something to consider when choosing which one to take. Some people, like me, value their sleep and don’t like to sacrifice that.

This is a situation where the half-life is not an effective indicator of how long the drug lasts. Half-life is only relative to the amount remaining in the blood, not the strength.

Another pro of the drug, again, relates to the potency. Since the potency is higher some people report that they take less to get the same effects.

This means that a supply of Armodafinil might last a bit longer than a supply of Modafinil would. Both of these drugs come in pill form which is easy to cut with a sharp knife.

I even find myself cutting my Modalert 200 pills and using less if I need to make what I have last until I can order more.

One final con of Armodafinil is that is more expensive for a similar effect. Both substances still act on similar parts of the brain. They also both up-regulate Dopamine, Histamine and a handful of other compounds to make you feel more awake and focused.

With Armodafinil you are paying for a more refined, smoother version of Modafinil.


Modafinil vs Armodafinil: Final Thoughts

When it comes to the safety of these two compounds Armodafinil is like Modafinil. Both are safe if used the right way.

If you have never used either I recommend checking out our Beginners Guide to Modafinil. This guide has all this information and more.

I prefer Armodafinil but the two are close together when it comes to popularity.

I find that I did not need a full dose of Modafinil to begin with. So with Armodafinil I use less and still get the effects I need to be productive.

I recommend that you try out Modafinil first before you decide to take it to the next level with Armodafinil.

For most, Modafinil is enough to increase your productivity. I think of Armodafinil as something to upgrade to if you want to finely tune your productivity.

If you need recommendations for where to buy Modafinil or Armodafinil look no further. You can check out our review of Afinil Express and Duck Dose to find the best store.

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